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Dr. Winmore Guide

Get ready to win more with the latest slot game from Realtime Gaming: Dr. Winmore. Enter the steampunk world of the twisted genius inventor, Dr. Winmore, a cluster game with cascading wins and huge multipliers! The mad scientist is cooking up a bubbling set of special symbols which can deliver up to 300 times the total bet! Winning symbols pay out according to the paytable, then disappear – only to be replaced by new symbols and the possibility of cascading wins!

Dr. Winmore is a 5-reel slot game sizzling with inventive energy and crackling with popping prizes. The substitute (wild) symbol is the Dr. Winmore symbol. When this symbol appears, it substitutes for all other symbols in the game except the Robot symbol. Winning combinations can cascade into new winning symbols with increasing multipliers from 2x up to 6x the prize value! When cascading stops, the multiplier is reset to 1x.

The Robot is a special symbol that appears randomly and remains on the reels until all cascading wins have ended. The Robot clears adjacent symbols, rows, and/or columns in special clear patterns, clearing the way for more winning combinations.

Dr. Winmore is an all-new slot game set in a loony lab with bubbling beakers, bizarre experiments, and a cackling mad scientist. Vintage lightbulbs flicker and glowing orbs snap, crackle, and pop in this arcane slot game from the mad geniuses at Realtime Gaming. The top reward in Dr. Winmore is 300 times the total bet!

Sign up with a $30 deposit for a 300% No Max Cashout plus 30 spins on Dr. Winmore. 3x redemptions. Simply use the code WINMORE300. Dr. Winmore is the sensational new slot game available to play now at Silver Oak Casino. Dr. Winmore is a 5-reel slot game with clusters of cascading wins for some high-voltage fun. Enter the secret lab of a mad scientist who twists the dial up to 11. Dazzling graphics and scintillating sound await the explorer who isn’t afraid of a little weird science. Dr. Winmore is the new slot game for players who enjoy mixing up a heady brew of volatile compounds in search of explosive wins! Play Dr. Winmore today!

How to Play

In order to play Dr. Winmore, you’ll first need to set up a Silver Oak Casino account. You can register one for free in just a few minutes. You’ll then need a unique username and password as well as some basic personal information (such as first name, last name, and other minor details). The site is fully encrypted for your safety and security, so once you open an account, simply download Silver Oak Casino to your PC. If you’re using a Mac, you can use the Instant Play option to access the game through your web browser. Are you on the move? Just go to Silver Oak Casino via your mobile device, smart phone or tablet, sign in and find the game Dr. Winmore.

Load up the slot game and click Play to begin. From there you need to select your wager amount, but we recommend betting maximum coins. There are 5 reels in this cluster game. You earn free spins and prizes throughout. Once you have chosen your total bet, just hit Spin to get the reels spinning in Dr. Winmore.

The Dr. Winmore symbol acts as the wild substitute in the game. When a cluster of winning symbols appears horizontally or vertically, you win, and the symbols disappear to be replaced by new symbols. Each new round of winning symbols increases the prize multiplier from 2x up to 6x from the same original spin.

The special robot symbol randomly appears to clear rows and columns of symbols in patterns and the top reward in Dr. Winmore is 300 times the bet! If you get tired of spinning the reels manually, just click on the Autoplay feature, sit back, relax, and watch the reels do the work for you. You can turn back to manual mode whenever you see fit.

Controlling the Game


Select the amount you wish to wager (increasing/decreasing) by using the button controls at the bottom of the screen.


Just hit the Spin button to start the game.


To keep the action going nonstop, set Autoplay to on. The game will do the spinning for you and will stop automatically. When you win and the bets are paid out, the game will spin again using your previous bet amount. This feature will keep going until you set Autoplay to off.


For information on which symbols pay out best or for more details on the bonuses, click Help & Rules on the right at any point during regular play.

Symbols & Characters

Scatter Symbol: None

Wild/Substitute Symbol: Dr. Winmore

Substitute Rules:

Cascading Wins and Multipliers

Game Rules

The rules of Dr. Winmore are simple to follow. There are 5 reels and a special Robot symbol which clears adjacent symbols. Winning combinations are cleared and replaced by new symbols, resulting in cascading wins and multipliers up to 6x. The Dr. Winmore symbol substitutes for all other symbols in the game except for the Robot.

The top award is 300 x the total bet!

History of Dr. Winmore

Deep in his secret laboratory lair, Dr. Winmore is cooking up some very weird science. Vacuum tubes and beakers bubbling with volatile substances combine and crash together for explosive wins!

Every time one of his wild experiments is a success, a haunting laugh echoes through the windy hallways of his old castle. Thunder and lightning supply the power to fuel Dr. Winmore’s machinations. Enter: the robot! This handy helper appears to zap useless symbols and replace them with winners. 

The local villagers gather below the shadowy castle lair with pitchforks and torches – but it’s too late! The lightning strikes the tower and it pulses with arcane energy. Soon their calls for justice are answered, as the wins start cascading down from the highest towers.

In a steampunk world where technology is cobbled together from leaky pressure gauges, rusty pipes, and humming Tesla coils, Dr. Winmore reigns supreme. He has devoted all his energy to the science of turning simple objects into cascading treasures!

Plug in the tube, pull the lever, and wait for the hum of electricity crackling through the air in the Dr. Winmore slot game at Silver Oak Casino!

Symbols & Characters

Special Symbol: Robot

Wild/Substitute Symbol: Dr. Winmore

Substitute Rules:

Cascading Wins

Robot Symbol

Robots are the special symbols which appear randomly and remain on the reels until all other wins complete (may drop down) and will clear in specific patterns once there are no other winnings.The special symbols will clear even when there are no wins, in which case the multiplier increases. The clear patterns are: Clear Column Clear Row Clear Row & Column Clear Adjacent  

Top award: 300 x the total bet

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