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European Slot Poker Guide

Draw five cards and hold the matching cards to make a winning hand offering big payouts. If you win, choose to either collect your winnings or try your luck on the Hi-Lo Bonus game. Every correct prediction of high and low cards doubles your win.

How to Play European Slot Poker

The European slot poker is one of the simplest online casino games ever. The objective of the player in the game of European slot poker is simply to draw the matching cards as listed in the pay table in the game.

To begin with the game, click on the chips to deposit money into your credit account. Then press the Bet button to place the wager of 1 to 10 coins. You can change the bet for every hand that you play by clicking the Bet tab. Click the Play tab and five cards are dealt face up. The game will automatically hold the best possible hand for you, but you can change these cards by clicking on them. Press the Play button once again to draw your final hand. New cards are dealt to replace the discarded ones. These new cards determine whether you win or lose the game.

You Win When

You win European Slot Poker every time you match any of the combinations shown in the Pay Table.

Bonus Round and Game Features

High-Low Bonus

Whenever you get a winning hand in the game, the high-low bonus feature is triggered. Five cards are dealt facedown in the bonus window. Just horizontal to it is the window featuring the high and low symbols in the game. To proceed, click on the high and low tabs one by one predicting whether the card dealt is high or low. If you correctly predict all the five cards, you win a reward which is your original wager, doubled five times over. Thus, if you have bet $1, you win $64.

When you win a hand, decide whether to play this bonus feature or to start a new game after collecting your single hand win by pressing the Collect button. In case you want to wager half your win on the Hi-Lo bonus feature, click the Half Gamble tab.

Note: You lose the entire Hi-Low bonus win if you are not able to predict all five cards correctly.

Fruit Bonus

You win a fruit bonus, if you draw a hand with four or five plums, lemons, watermelons, bells, bar and cherries. Winning the fruit bonus will also trigger the Hi-Low bonus feature. You still have the option to either collect your bonus win or double your win by playing on the Hi-Low bonus round.

Cherry Bonus

When you draw two cherries in your hand, you win the cherry bonus. As you win additional cherry bonuses, the yellow indicator in this cherry meter rises based on your bet size. When this cherry indicator reaches its maximum capacity, the Hi-Low bonus feature is initiated once again. You again have the choice of either collecting your cherry bonus or doubling your win by playing the Hi-Low bonus feature.

Additional Rules

Card Ranks

There are two card ranks in the game of European slot poker. The high cards in the game are: Joker, Bell, Watermelon, Plum and the Lemon. The low cards in the game are: Joker, Bar, Cherry and the Diamond.


The Joker is the wild card in the game and it substitutes for all symbols in the game except the grey diamond. If you draw a Joker card without getting a winning combination, you are still entitled to a reward of $2. You can collect this reward or proceed with the Hi-Lo bonus feature.


If you draw a poker hand with five-of-a-kind diamond cards, you are rewarded with $1.

Strategy & Tips

European slot poker is a game of chance to the core. The smartest way to increase your odds in the game is deciding which cards to hold and which ones to discard. Study the payout table to find out which hands give the highest payouts.

In the game of European slot poker, the five-of-a-kind poker hand featuring the BAR gets the highest payout of $1,000 whereas the five-of-kind diamonds gets the lowest payout of $1. For instance, if you draw two diamond cards and two BAR cards in the same hand it is wise to hold the BAR cards. You just might draw three more BAR cards and win $1,000. Even if you draw just one more BAR card, you’ll still manage to win $10. Plus, if you draw a Joker in this hand, it will be even easier to get a winning hand of BAR.

Another tip to increase your winnings is to play the Hi-Lo Bonus round which doubles your win with every high or low card that you predict.


As the name European Slot Poker suggests, it originates from the love Europeans had for two games- Poker and Slots. History indicates that poker has its roots in the game of Pochen (the forerunner of Poker) in Germany.

Slot games came out of Eastern Europe, where Charles Frey invented his first prototype. The craze for slot machines has spread like wildfire to all corners of the world. In fact, slots are the number one revenue generating game in casino history.

European Slot Poker brings the fun of both of these popular games together on one platform. Poker is a game that involves skill and Slots are mostly sheer luck. Both of these aspects add to the thrill and skill of European Slot Poker.


The excitement of playing European Slot Poker when you are familiar with the terminology used in the game.

Cash out: An option that brings the game play to an end and transfers the credits to your account.

Pay Table: List of the payout rates for various hands in the game.

Bet: The number of coins that you choose to wager.

Play: Draw cards and play the hand in the game.

Wild: The wild symbol in the game that substitutes for other cards in the game to help you build winning hands. In European Slot Poker, the Joker is the wild card.

Cherry Meter: An arc-shaped bonus that measures your bonus wins with an increasing yellow indicator.

Half Gamble: This option removes fifty percent of your win and adds it to your credits so that you wager only half of your winning credits during the Hi-Lo bonus feature.

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