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Let ‘Em Ride Guide

The object of Let ‘Em Ride Video Poker is to use your three cards in combination with the two shared Dealer cards to build the best hand, at least a Pair of Tens or higher. Are you ready to Let ‘Em Ride?

How to Play Let ‘Em Ride

In Let ‘Em Ride Poker, you are dealt three cards face up and two cards are dealt face down in front of the Dealer. The Dealer’s cards are used to complete your hand. After your cards are dealt, you can choose to Continue or Raise. As the round continues, each of the Dealer’s cards are shown. You can raise after the first card is shown. After the Dealer’s last card is shown, your hand is assessed like a standard poker hand – the set of your three cards with the Dealer’s two cards. You win if you get a pair of Tens or higher using all five cards.

Player’s Turn

To place a bet, click on the chip value that you want to wager. Feel free to click to Jackpot button and add a buck to the pot, then click Deal to begin the game. You are dealt three cards face up and the Dealer receives two cards face down. Decide, based on the three cards in your hand, whether to click Continue to show the dealer’s next card without increasing your bet, or Raise to double your bet and reveal the Dealer’s first card. After the reveal, you can opt to Raise or Continue. Your goal is make at least a Pair of Tens or higher to win the game.

Dealer’s Turn

After you click Raise or Continue, the Dealer’s last card is shown. Your hand is evaluated as a normal poker hand, combining your three cards and the Dealer’s two cards.

You Win When

You win when you build a pair of Tens or higher using all five cards shown.

Game Features and Bonus Rounds

You can participate in a progressive jackpot by placing a side bet of $1. If you decide NOT to bet the buck, you can’t win the jackpot. If you receive a Flush or higher (including the Dealer’s two cards), you win a payout based on what your winning hand is.

Jackpot Information

There is a progressive jackpot in Silver Oak Casino’s Let ‘Em Ride game.

Additional Rules

Silver Oak Casino’s Let ‘Em Ride Poker uses one standard 52-card deck.

Strategy & Tips

Strategy Directly After You Receive Your Three Cards

When you are dealt your first three cards, make your first raise if you have any of the following three-card hands.

Strategy After the Dealer Reveals the First Card

After the Dealer reveals the first card, review what the combination now makes toward a winning hand. Raise on any of the following four-card hands:


Shuffle Master, a company that developed and marketed card shufflers, slot machines and casino tables, first created and owned the “Let It Ride” game. Even though Let ‘Em Ride poker is also known as Let It Ride Poker and Poker Ride, they are all basically the same game.


These are common terms that you will come across while playing Silver oak Casino’s Let’em Ride Poker.

Ante: Your first bet, which starts a round of play.

Bet: The amount of chips you wish to wager.

Continue: Clicking Continue reveals the Dealer’s next card without increasing your bet.

Deal: Clicking Deal begins the game once a bet has been placed.

Flush: A hand consisting of any five cards in the same suit.

Four-of-a-Kind: A hand consisting of any four cards of the same rank and one unmatched card.

Full House: A hand consisting of Three-of-a-Kind plus a Pair.

Pair of 10’s or Better: A hand consisting of two cards of same rank, Tens or higher, and three unmatched cards.

Raise: Clicking Raise doubles your bet and reveals the Dealer’s next card.

Royal Flush: A hand consisting of Ace and face cards from the same suit (A-K-Q-J-10). This is the highest ranking combination in this game and if you chose to add that buck to the Jackpot, you will it all.

Straight: A hand consisting of five cards in sequence, but built from mixed suits.

Straight Flush: A hand consisting of any five cards of the same suit in sequence.

Three-of-a-Kind: A hand consisting of three cards of same rank and two unmatched cards.

Two Pair: A hand consisting of two Pairs of different ranks and one unmatched card.

You can afford to Let ‘Em Ride with this old favorite. Now you can play free Let ’Em Ride from home, work or even on-the-go as Silver Oak Casino is offering a completely free play option so that you can test the waters before placing any real money bets. Play Let ‘Em Ride instantly today!

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