Live Dealer

Looking for a more realistic online casino experience? Miss the human interaction that comes with chatting up the dealer at your favorite land-based casino? Don’t settle. At Silver Oak Casino, we’re bringing live dealers directly into your home through the magic of live video!

This goes way beyond great sound effects and cool graphics that mirror an online casino. With live dealer games at Silver Oak Casino, we broadcast an actual casino dealer onto your screen. You’ll see a real live dealer. A real table. Real cards. Real dice. And a real wheel. Bottom line? It’s the real deal.

Live dealer games at Silver Oak Casino are available to play through the downloadable Windows software. And best of all, you don’t need any special equipment. While you can see the dealer, they can’t see you, so no video camera is required on your end. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have a reason to smile.

How to Play Live Dealer

Playing live dealer casino games is easy. Just launch the software, sign in, and click on the Live Dealer button at the bottom right corner of the software. You’ll find the button directly above your account balance. From here, you’ll be greeted by five tabs at the top of the software. Choose from Blackjack, Baccarat, European Roulette, American Roulette, and Casino Hold’em. Clicking on a tab will reveal two or more available table snapshots. Each one shows you table limits, the name and photo of the dealer, and the number of open seats. Click the Play button to sit down at that specific table.

As the table loads, you’ll be asked how much you’d like to bring to the table. Choose your amount from your available balance and take a seat. Keep in mind that you might not be dealt into the hand right away. Remember, with live dealer casinos, you’re actually playing at the same table as other players from all over the planet. That means if you walk up to a table in the middle of a hand, you’ll need to wait for it to conclude before you can get your bets in.

Game Controls

If you’ve ever played Blackjack, Roulette, or Baccarat before at an online casino like Silver Oak Casino, you know that you’re in full control of when the action starts. You also get to control how long your breaks are between hands. That’s because you’re usually the only person sitting at the table. So, you can literally click deal, win a hand, get paid out, and take a 30-minute break, make yourself a sandwich, and return to the tables for your next hand without missing a beat.

That’s not the case with live dealer casino games. With the live dealer version of Blackjack, Roulette, and other table games, you’re basically hanging out in a real casino. That means you’re not the only one at the table, so you don’t get to choose when to deal cards, throw dice, or spin the wheel. Instead, just like in a real casino, you simply drop your chips onto the felt and wait for the dealer to waver her hand across the table and signal ‘no more bets’.

You do have some control, however. If you drop too many chips on the table before ‘no more bets’ is called, you can remove the chips and start over. So don’t worry about accidentally locking your bet in, but please be mindful that you don’t get to decide when the game starts.

Game Rules

Every live dealer game comes with a different set of rules, but there’s one rule you should be mindful of that carries over from game to game. At many games, you’ll have an opportunity to chat with the dealers through text, so please be respectful of them. Remember, the live dealers are real people at an actual casino. Just as you would be kind to a Las Vegas dealer, we ask that you extend the same courtesy to the live dealers at Silver Oak Casino. We also ask that you don’t hog a table if you don’t intend to play. While it’s ok to sit out a few hands, occupying a table for hours on end without playing isn’t fair to other players.

History of Live Dealer Games

Silver Oak Casino pioneered the concept of bringing quality, realistic online casino games into your home more than a decade ago. Our sophisticated software has been heralded as best in class by players and industry professionals alike. But even with our excellent software, which is often touted as the best in the business, casino players still craved the social interaction in realism that comes with playing in an actual casino. In 2014, we partnered with our software partner, Realtime Gaming, to bring an actual casino directly onto your PC, creating an even more realistic gaming experience.


While table terms vary from game to game, here are some common terms you might see across most live dealer casino games at Silver Oak Casino.

No More Bets: You’ll hear this when you can no longer place any more bets on the table, or remove your chips from the table. At this point, all bets are locked in.

Shuffle: The dealer may need to shuffle the cards if you’re playing a table game. Remember, unlike regular online casino games, the dealer is playing with actual cards, so there’s no random number generator involved.

Clear: If you’ve put too many chips on the table, click the Clear button to clear the table and start again.