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Magic 7’s Guide

Scratch off the ten Magic Hats on the card to reveal a number below each. You win a prize if any number is ‘7’, or better still, a Magic Hat. The prize on the ‘7’ ranges from a free card to a multiplier up to 3,000 times your bet amount. If you scratch a Magic Hat, your prize money is double the amount shown. Even when you don’t win on a particular scratch card, there’s the random jackpot, which could randomly drop between games.

How to Play Magic 7’s

Magic 7’s is an easy-to-play scratch card game with many prizes. The game card displays 10 hats. The object of the game is to uncover either the number 7, or a Magic Hat. To play, click on the Bet key to select the amount you want to wager. Click on the Play key that activates the hats. Click on each of the hats to reveal the hidden number, or click on “Scratch All”.

You Win When

For the number 7, you win the prize shown on the ‘spot’ below the number. It could be a free game, or a multiplier on your wager.

You may find more than one 7 on a card. One ‘7’ could earn you a free game to play, another could be 1x the bet amount, and a third could be 2x the amount. The multipliers go up to 3000x your wager.

If you uncover a Magic Hat, you win twice the prize shown on the spot. So, if the prize shown is 2x, your win is actually four times your bet.

Game Features & Bonus Rounds

Magic 7’s appear fairly regularly on the cards, awarding the prize the spot reveals. The least you can win for any 7 is a free game. If you are lucky, you could win a prize on your free game card.

The Magic Hat, however, is rather elusive. But when it does appear, watch your dollars multiply as it awards double the prize revealed on the spot.

Jackpot Info

You can win the random jackpot with any scratch card that you play regardless of whether you win or lose. The jackpot ticks away constantly and can drop any time between games.

Additional Rules

Strategy & Tips

The thrill of playing Magic 7’s lies in its simplicity and the huge payouts it is capable of giving. There is no real strategy involved in winning, but this casino specialty game gives you instant rewards, and provides excellent chances of winning something on every card. You may in fact, get more than one win in a game.


Scratch cards have enjoyed universal appeal, ever since the combined efforts of marketing genius, Daniel Bower and scientist, John Koza of Scientific Games Corporation, introduced the instant lottery ticket. The thrill of scratching a surface to uncover a prize has no age or generation barriers.

The low cost of a ticket and the possibility of big wins made scratch cards so popular that several governments, along with the U.S. and the U.K., use them for state and regional lotteries.

Online scratch cards became popular when the Internet became the new frontier for casinos. From kiosks at grocery stores and cafes, scratch cards have acquired a sophistication that makes them equal to glitzy online slots and card games.

The Magic 7’s scratch card is inspired by the mystique of the Number 7. The number has a special significance in almost all religions and mythologies, including the Seven Wonders of the World, the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven classical planets, the seven deadly sins, seven days of the week, seventh heaven, etc.

The number 7 is a lucky number for gamblers, too. It plays a key role in casino games of chance like Craps where rolling a 7 means a win.


You will enjoy the immediate rewards of playing Scratch Cards when you understand all of the terminology associated with the game.

Hat: The scratch card features a set of ten hats. Each one has to be uncovered to reveal a number.

7: Reveal a lucky number 7 under the hats, and you win.

Magic Hat: A Magic Hat revealed under a hat gets you twice the prize shown.

Free Card: One of the prizes awarded on the scratch card.

Balance: The money available for you to play the game.

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