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Red Dog Guide

Red Dog is a very easy card game to play that requires very little skill, but having luck on your side certainly helps. Think you can predict the next card? Then this casino table game is for you. Red Dog is a game of chance, also known as Red Dog Poker or Yablon. It is a variation of the Acey-Deucey or In-Between card games.

How to Play Red Dog

Red Dog is played with a two decks of cards. Two cards are dealt and then a third. The object of the game is to predict whether the third card’s value is between the first two cards played.

Player’s Turn

To start, click on the chip you want to bet. Click Deal to begin the round of play. Two cards are dealt face up. If the two cards’ difference is more than one number (for example, a Three and a Nine), then the spread is announced, determining the payoff if the third card dealt falls between the first two. After reviewing your cards, you have the option of taking the next card without raising by clicking Continue, or doubling your wager by clicking Raise.

Dealer’s Turn

The third card is automatically dealt. Review the result. You receive a payout based on the spread, otherwise the bet is lost.

You Win When

If the third card dealt has a value between the two previous cards, you win. The payouts are paid on the probability of the third card falling between the previous two.

Spread Payout:

If the cards are consecutive in number (for example, a Six and a Seven, or a Ten and a Jack), the hand is a Push and your bet is returned.

If the three cards dealt are of equal value, you win 11 times your bet amount.

Game Features and Bonus Rounds

After the two cards are dealt the Red Dog at the top of the casino game table moves, indicating the spread Payout.

Jackpot Information

There is no jackpot in Silver Oak Casino’s Red Dog game.

Additional Rules

At Silver Oak Casino, Red Dog is dealt from two standard 52 card decks. Cards are re-shuffled after every hand.

Strategy & Tips

Your best Red Dog strategy is to Raise on spreads of seven or more.


The game Red Dog, just like many other popular card games, went by many names over the years including Yablon, referring to the early version of the game found in the American West during the 1800s. The game was also called In-Between, Acey Deucey and Between the Sheets because the nature of the game. Red Dog is built around the concept of the spread or the “distance” between two cards. It was generally discovered that In-Between was too easy to cheat in, so other card games became popular with gamblers, especially poker.

This lead to the disappearance of the game. In 1931, when gambling became legal in Las Vegas, the card game In-Between resurfaced with numerous changes. In fact, even its name was then changed to Red Dog Poker.


Playing Red Dog is much more enjoyable when you are familiar with all the terms used in the game.

Bet: To place a bet, the player must click on the chip value that they wish to wager.

Continue: To deal the third card without increasing your bet, click Continue.

Deal: To begin the game once a wager has been placed, click Deal. Two cards are dealt face up.

Raise: To double the bet and deal the third card, click Raise.

Spread: The number of card values between the two dealt cards currently in play.

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