Slot Tournaments

Slot Tournaments Guide

Love the fast action and adrenaline rush that comes with hitting it big playing slot machines? Wait until you go head to head with everyone else at Silver Oak Casino. Slot tournaments put you on a quest for riches as you fight to be the last one standing with the highest number of credits.

Instead of playing against the house in hopes of hitting a jackpot, pay one lump fee called the buy-in. We’ll hand you a bunch of credits to play with – usually between 10,000 and 20,000. Every player gets the same amount and your goal is to have finish at the top of the leaderboard.

You could walk away with thousands of dollars, depending on how many players take part and how big the buy-in is. And it’s not just the first place winner who walks away with cash. Several players can win, so slot tournaments are more rewarding than you think.

How to Play Slot Tournaments

While each game is different, you’ll find identical controls no matter what slot tournament you’re playing.


Slot tournaments are all about strategy, so you’ll want to fluctuate your bet amount to make sure you stay in the game. Use the up and down arrows to control your bet amount per line. For the most part, you should be able to bet as little as $0.01 per line and as much as $5, though it does vary based on your game.


Each game comes with a different total number of paylines. It could be 20. It could be 25. It could be 50. Whatever it is, you don’t have to play all of them, though playing the top amount will lead to greater wins should you hit matching symbols.


To lock in your bets, click the Spin button. You don’t have to keep using the same bet each time if you don’t want to. Clicking the Spin button will only account for one spin of the reels, so you need to press it after each payout.


Most slot tournaments feature special symbols that lead to bigger payouts or bonus rounds. Scatter symbols usually lead to special feature games while substitute symbols act as wild symbols in the game to help you win even more. Please check out the game guide for the slot tournament you’re about to play for details on which symbols lead to which payouts.

How to get to the Bonus Feature

Slot tournaments feature a variety of games as noted in the details section of each tournament, so the bonus round varies from game to game. For the most part, hitting three specific symbols will catapult you into a bonus round. These are key to collecting credits because they pay out credits without actually costing you any. The more bonus rounds you can hit, the better off you’ll be.

How to play the Bonus Feature

Every slot tournament is different, so playing the bonus round varies depending on what game you’re playing. Some games feature a set number of free games. Once they’re complete, you’ll be ushered back into regular game mode. Other bonus rounds continue on forever until you hit a certain symbol that ends the game. In many cases, you can retrigger the bonus round by hitting a certain combination of symbols. We recommend consulting the game guide on the Silver Oak Casino website to see how the bonus round works for the slot tournament you’re about to play.

Game Rules

Most slot tournaments let you re-buy if you’ve lost all your credits, but you can only do so during the re-buy period. What’s more, you can also add on extra chips before you run out of them with the add-on feature. Note that after the add-on and re-buy opportunities have ended, losing all your credits means you’re out of the game.


Many Slot Tournaments come with jackpots, which award you credits within the game. Note that hitting a jackpot won’t actually pay you out cash. Instead, it will rocket your tournament credit balance higher, which could help you land the first-place prize.

History of Slot Tournaments

Silver Oak was on the scene since the first slot machine lever was pulled online. We have over 80 slot machines in our collection that players all over the world can enjoy from home. We’re also a hugely social casino, so creating slot tournaments where players can compete against one other was a logical evolution. We’re thrilled to be able to provide games that offer guaranteed wins to dozens of players every day. If you don’t see your favorite slot machine offers in tournament format, check back tomorrow to see if we’ve added it.


Buy-in: This is what it costs to enter the slot tournament. You only pay once when you first register. The buy-in gives you the specified number of credits to play with.

Re-buy: Many tournaments let you buy back in after you’ve been knocked out. The cost is usually the same as the original buy-in and gets you the same number of credits.

Add-on: During a game, you will have an opportunity to add to your credit arsenal buy buying extra. An add-on is usually about half of the buy-in, though sometimes higher. In the case of freerolls, add-ons could be $5 or $10.