Welcome to Silver Oak casino, the root of all the best real money slot games the internet has to offer! At our casino, players can indulge in their favorite online gambling pastimes from the minute they sign up. It doesn’t matter whether you’re here to play real money slots, blackjack, video poker, craps, keno or any other popular favorites, you can find them all here in one place with plenty of exciting opportunities to hit the big bucks!

We’re constantly growing our collection of casino games to cater to the needs of both new and existing players; however, it’s our tantalizing lobby of slot machine games that truly sow the seeds of fortune at our casino! You’ll uncover over 80 of the most action-packed and adventure-filled slot games complete with the most lucrative rewards and prizes to play for!

Newest Online Slot Games

  • Wild Hog Luau

    Wild Hog Luau is the exciting new slot game where everyone can live it up island style! Wild Hog Luau is set against a tropical backdrop of wild island adventure.

    Play Wild Hog Luau
  • Vegas Lux

    Check out the all-new Vegas Lux slot game now at Silver Oak Casino. Enjoy the new 720 ways paylines with 2-way payouts and up to 240 free games.

    Play Vegas Lux
  • Diamond Fiesta

    Get ready for the all-new Diamond Fiesta slot game now at Silver Oak Casino. Spin up Skulls, Diamonds, and the Señor Skeleton wild for special features, free games, and 4 jackpots.

    Play Diamond Fiesta

Choose from real money slot games or slots which can be played entirely for free! Our casino is home to dozens of classic 3-reel and 5-reel slot games with exciting bonus rounds that reward everything from free spins to free games, golden coins, juicy bet multipliers, and progressive jackpots. What’s more, every single slot game we offer incorporates the most stunning graphics and super cool sound effects to truly immerse you in your gameplay.

We have real money slots for sports lovers including football, motorsports, horse racing and baseball-themed slots, while anyone with a passion for history will be teleported back in time to the ancient era of icons like Cleopatra, Caesar and Achilles! Horror enthusiasts will appreciate the terrifying allure of slots like Count Spectacular, Ghost Ship and Goblins Treasure, and for those with a passion for martial arts, why not go head-to-head with the grand master himself in games like Fantasy Mission Force or Eagle Shadow Fist!? There’s tons of unique slot themes to choose from with everything in-between! So no matter what gets your gambling taste buds going, you’ll always be guaranteed to find something to suit your needs. Play for top prizes, or go for some smooth-sailing and play the games risk-free, for free! The choice is entirely yours, and the games are there for you to toy with to your heart’s content!

Not a customer with Silver Oak yet? Let’s turn that around! Simply click on the banner above to register an account, and within minutes you’ll have access to all your favorite casino games, including the best real money slot games! Oh, and did we mention there’s an exciting welcome bonus waiting for you as well? You’ll get up to $10,000 free cash to use on your first 10 deposits! Claim your first gift with Silver Oak Casino by redeeming your 100% First Deposit Bonus at the “Cashier”. Simply enter the code SILVEROAK1 after logging in, and the bonus will be applied to your account immediately.

Free Slots Games

One of the best aspects about playing online casino games these days is the fact you can play them for free first. Unlike land-based casinos, where you can only participate in the games if you’re physically placing a wager – with online casino games (like real money slot games), you get to build up your confidence, skills and expertise beforehand. This is a fantastic way of getting yourself used to the individual game dynamics within each game. It also allows you to get familiar with things like the odds, payout tables, bonus features, and your winning potential. This also eliminates the risk of losing any real money when playing these online slot games, which is a huge benefit to players.

You can try out any one of the casino games on our site entirely for free by selecting the “Play for Fun” option on the website. Then, once you feel like you’ve mastered the ins and outs of the game, you can quickly switch to playing for real money.


Slots Strategy

Now, the next thing you’re going to need when playing any kind of online casino game is to try and implement some kind of optimal playing strategy. We know this isn’t easy when it comes to slots, because at the end of the day these games work with completely random algorithms using Random Number Generators (RNGs). What these do is ensure that every single result of the reels is a unique event that can’t be manipulated in the favor of either the casino or player. This also ensures fairness and consistency throughout every casino game we offer.

Even though real money slot games work with these clever technologies, there are still some useful tips you can apply to your gaming to give yourself the best possible chance of winning.

  • Bet Max Coins – When we say be the maximum coins, we don’t mean throw your entire life savings away! The reason why many players choose to bet the maximum on real money slot games is because these games tend to offer jackpots or bonus payouts. And with the majority of these games, you will only be eligible to play for them if you bet max coins. We’ve heard so many stories of players hitting the jackpot on some casino games, only to be heavily disappointed when the machine then withholds the prize. So if you want to set yourself up with the most earning potential, betting max is the best way to go. Even then, you should only put down what you can realistically afford to lose – which brings us onto out next point.
  • Set A Loss Limit – While it’s usually worth betting max coins on games like online slots and video poker, it’s equally important to make sure you’re keeping a watchful eye on your bankroll when partaking in any gambling games. It’s so easy to get lost in the excitement of some games, only to later realize you’ve completely blown all your funds and have to call it a night. By keeping tabs on your spending, you can better establish what kind of bets are working for you and which aren’t. Another key thing to consider when managing your bankroll is to only play games which you can afford to play. If you’re pumping $100 dollar wagers into a slot machine, you’ll probably end up broke and disappointed quite quickly.
  • Look For “Loose” Slots – If you’ve ever heard of the term “loose” slot machine, you’ll understand that each slot game poses a slightly different volatility. But, what we’re actually referring to here is the payback percentage for these machines. Slots are programmed to pay an average of 90% back to the player, which means for every $1 you put in, the machine will pay back 90 cents. Of course, this doesn’t mean you will automatically get 90 cents each time you spin the reels, it does however, mean that there is a much greater chance of a machine paying out if that slot has an RTP (Return to Player) percentage between 90-97%. If you want to find out this information beforehand, be sure to check the paytables!
  • Pay Attention to Odds and Paylines – If you’re a frequent gambler, you’ll definitely have heard the term ‘house edge’, and how it’s usually the “house who always wins” – and most of the time you would be right, because casinos wouldn’t make any money otherwise! But, all casino games can still work in favor of the player. And if you’re smart about it and have taken the time to research the odds and paylines for these slot games, or any other casino games – you’ve already given yourself a much better chance of winning because you’ll have a better understanding of what moves to make.
  • Use Bonuses – There’s a reason casinos offer bonuses, and it’s not just to bring new players in either. Bonuses are genuinely great tools for helping you stretch your bankroll further so you can play these games with less risk. With online slots, the majority of bonuses come in the format of either free spins, match bonuses, no deposit bonuses and other promotions. You may discover they are only redeemable on select games, and will likely be attached to some kind of terms and conditions. But it’s still well worth utilizing these if you get a chance, as they can make a big difference to your gameplay.

Real Series Video Slots

The Real Series video slots are our most popular collection of online slot machines. With stunning graphics, sound, the best bonus rounds and features, these are the most fun to play. You can choose to play a single payline, or multiply your chance of a big payday by playing up to 25 paylines.

  • 5 Wishes

    5 Wishes is the exciting new slot game where Aladdin and his adventuresome pals embark on a quest for hidden treasure.

    Play 5 Wishes

  • 777

    Get ready for a taste of traditional slot-spinning mayhem in the fantastic 777! The classic 3-reel, single fixed payline slots game at Silver Oak Casino!

    Play 777

  • Achilles

    Join the legendary hero Achilles and the mighty Greek army as they march off towards war against those nasty Trojans.

    Play Achilles

  • Aladdin's Wishes

    Just like Aladdin, all your wishes will come true when you free the powerful Genie from inside a magic lamp.

    Play Aladdin's Wishes

  • Ancient Gods

    Win the favor of the “Guardians of the Holy” and “Protectors of the Heavens” to unlock magnificent riches in the brand new Ancient Gods slot!

    Play Ancient Gods

  • Asgard

    Harness the legendary power of the Norse gods for an unforgettable adventure in Asgard today!

    Play Asgard

  • Aztec's Treasure

    Travel deep into the jungles of Central America to discover an ancient treasure!

    Play Aztec's Treasure

  • Aztec's Treasure Feature Guarantee

    Win Aztec treasures with 20 bets per line, a bonus round with a golden Idol that wins up to 25 free games & triple value winnings.

    Play Aztec's Treasure ft. Guarantee

  • Basketbull

    Get your game face on and enter the arena for this action packed sport game and shoot to win!

    Play Basketbull

  • Big Shot

    Hollywood, here you come. It’s time to see your name in lights as you finally become the big shot you always knew you were meant to be!

    Play Big Shot

  • Boy King's Treasure

    Enter the Valley of the Kings in search of adventure and history’s greatest treasure – the golden mask of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun.

    Play Boy King's Treasure

  • Bubble Bubble

    With 50 paylines and three exciting features, this inventive slot from Realtime Gaming is just the treat to get you in the mood for Halloween.

    Play Bubble Bubble

  • Bubble Bubble 2

    Bubble Bubble 2 Welcome to the wild, wicked world of Winnie and Wanda the Witch, who cast spells under the full moon to release amazing features from a boiling cauldron of riches in this new action-packed game from RTG.

    Play Bubble Bubble 2

  • Builder Beaver

    Break the beavers’ dam and watch a river of money flow your way in this entertaining game based on the hard work of these cute beavers!

    Play Builder Beaver

  • Bulls and Bears

    Win more cash than ever before with Feature Guaranteed, which means that the game is out to give you more chances to play and win.

    Play Bulls and Bears

  • Bunko Bonanza

    It’s out to the ‘burbs for a Bunko party where you’ll throw down some dice and throw back some cupcakes.

    Play Bunko Bonanza

  • Caesar's Empire

    Step into Rome’s Coliseum and match wits with one of the most notorious and powerful rules in history – Caesar himself.

    Play Caesar's Empire

  • Cai Hong

    Seek out the treasure at the end of the rainbow with the lucky Cai Hong slots game at Silver Oak Casino!

    Play Cai Hong

  • Cash Bandits

    It's time to make out like a bandit at the online slots. Our Cash Bandits game lets you play a classic game of Cops & Robbers. Just try not to get caught!

    Play Cash Bandits

  • Cash Bandits 2

    Cash Bandits 2: so good, it should be illegal.

    Play Cash Bandits 2

  • Cleopatra's Gold

    Challenge history’s most beautiful and dangerous Pharaoh as you travel to the deserts of Egypt!

    Play Cleopatra's Gold

  • Coat of Arms

    Join the Round Table Knights on their quest to conquer the amazing treasures this fast paced slots game has to offer.

    Play Coat of Arms

  • Count Spectacular

    Take a trip to this land of excitement and make a run for this unbelievable treasure that awaits those who dare.

    Play Count Spectacular

  • Coyote Cash

    Tired with the roadrunner, the Coyote is planning a big heist that could net you some serious coin!

    Play Coyote Cash

  • Crazy Vegas

    No need to visit the Strip with this slot machine favorite!

    Play Crazy Vegas

  • Crystal Waters

    It’s all about sun and sand in this tropical paradise. And if you want to win while you lounge, keep your eye out for yachts.

    Play Crystal Waters

  • Cubee

    Get ready for a totally unique experience with the no-reel Cubee slot game at Silver Oak Casino!

    Play Cubee

  • Derby Dollars

    It’s race day down at the track, so order up a mint julep and put your money down on a prize pony.

    Play Derby Dollars

  • Diamond Dozen

    They say money can’t buy happiness, but maybe diamonds can. See for yourself in this game of romance and huge bonuses.

    Play Diamond Dozen

  • Diamond Fiesta

    Diamond Fiesta is the exciting new slot game where Señor Skeleton and his party pals deliver major wins!

    Play Diamond Fiesta

  • Double Ya Luck

    We're doubling the adrenaline rush with an online slots game that believes in paying you out way more than you expect.

    Play Double Ya Luck

  • Dr. Winmore

    Get ready for the all-new Dr. Winmore slot game now at Silver Oak Casino.

    Play Dr. Winmore

  • Dragon Orb

    Venture into the realm of a fierce treasure dragon in search of untold wealth in Dragon Orb, a fantastic new game from RTG on Silver Oak Casino.

    Play Dragon Orb

  • Dream Run

    Everyone’s racing over to Dream Run. And with two big jackpots and huge payouts at the finish line, it’s no wonder why.

    Play Dream Run

  • Eagle Shadow Fist

    Determined to fight to the death for freedom, battle your way to riches against the evil Japanese military in this 70s martial arts cult classic slot staring the legendary Jackie Chan.

    Play Eagle Shadow Fist

  • Empress Wu

    Win the favor of the golden dragon and noble warriors to win exotic treasures in the brand new Empress Wu slot!

    Play Empress Wu

  • Enchanted Garden

    Visit the mysterious Enchanted Garden and see if the magic of a fairy princess will bless you with good luck.

    Play Enchanted Garden

  • Enchanted Garden II

    Enter a fairytale world with this sequel to one of the most revered slots ever created. With two free games features, it’s too good to miss.

    Play Enchanted Garden II

  • Eternal Love

    Be seduced by the night in one of the most addictive online slots adventures you’ll ever play. With one spin, you’ll be taken by the sweet embrace of Eternal Love.

    Play Eternal Love

  • Fame and Fortune

    Follow in the footsteps of dreamers everywhere, as you visit glamorous old-time Hollywood to seek out a taste of fame and fortune.

    Play Fame and Fortune

  • Fantasy Mission Force

    Real Time Gaming and Silver Oak Casino now present the much-anticipated Fantasy Mission Force, a new slot game that features martial arts hero Jackie Chan.

    Play Fantasy Mission Force

  • Field of Green

    Dust off your giant foam hand, your pom-poms and your halftime brew – it’s time to hit the stadium and play some football!

    Play Field of Green

  • Fire Dragon

    Prepare for a complete, action-packed slot experience with the grandmaster Jackie Chan, in this 5-reel, 20-variable-payline, martial arts slot game at Silver Oak Casino!

    Play Fire Dragon

  • Football Frenzy

    Eeeeo! Eeeo! The stadium vibrates as your foot slams the ball and burns a hole through the goal net! Become a bona fide soccer legend with Football Frenzy!

    Play Football Frenzy

  • Fruit Bowl XXV

    Enjoy our great new added features and payouts of up to 25 times the original bet during free games and earn huge cash rewards.

    Play Fruit Bowl XXV

  • Fruit Frenzy

    Join the frenzy in the circus big-top as you hunt for plums, meet daring pears and shoot a daredevil strawberry out of a cannon.

    Play Fruit Frenzy

  • Fu Chi

    Celebrate the Year of the Dog and enter a realm of untold treasures and mystical adventure in the exciting slot game Fu Chi from Real Time Gaming, the ultimate way to bring in the New Year only at Silver Oak Casino.

    Play Fu Chi

  • Fucanglong

    Fucanglong Master the Fucanglong, and claim the treasures of the Underworld.

    Play Fucanglong

  • Funky Monkey

    This band of monkey funksters is about to blow up huge, and you’ll be right there with them when they hit the big time.

    Play Funky Monkey

  • Gemtopia

    Give Gemtopia a try and mine yourself some cash today.

    Play Gemtopia

  • Ghost Ship

    Brave the high seas and discover the riches that are hidden below in this dark and mysterious adventure that leads players into the ominous Ghost Ship.

    Play Ghost Ship

  • Glitz and Glamour

    Become part of Hollywood’s golden age elite and enjoy the elegance and glamour that only this era had with this amazing slot machine game!

    Play Glitz and Glamour

  • Goblin's Treasure

    Dragons, giants and dastardly goblins await in this riotous new slot from Real Time Gaming! With up to a stunning 25x pays in the feature a fortune in gold beckons…

    Play Goblin's Treasure

  • God of Wealth

    The God of Wealth has been known to offer great fortune to those bold enough to enter his presence. Will you be the one to heed his call?

    Play God of Wealth

  • Gods of Nature

    Gods of Nature sends you on a quest to achieve perfect balance with the five natural elements.

    Play Gods of Nature

  • Goldbeard

    It’s all hands on deck as you sail the seven seas to plunder the treasure of history’s richest and most ruthless pirate.

    Play Goldbeard

  • Golden Glove

    Take yourself out to the old ball game to hit some homers, eat some hot dogs and win huge cash.

    Play Golden Glove

  • Golden Lotus

    Two different free game rounds can be triggered with payouts up to five times your bet. It’s all about earning massive cash prizes.

    Play Golden Lotus

  • Golden Retriever

    Here boy! Play this 20-line slot machine and see what kind of jackpots the Golden Retriever is digging up!

    Play Golden Retriever

  • Green Light

    Buckle up and put the pedal to the metal in this gutwrenching, rubber-burning, motor-gunning race to the finish line.

    Play Green Light

  • Hairway to Heaven

    Play for free game features, 50 variable pay lines on 5 reels and a Feature Guarantee that ensures you’ll win free game features.

    Play Hairway to Heaven

  • Halloween Treasures

    Halloween Treasures is the brand-new, Halloween-inspired slot game featuring zombies, witches, pirates, phantoms and the evilest creatures of the night.

    Play Halloween Treasures

  • Happy Golden Ox of Happiness

    Celebrate the New Year Chinese-style with up to 50 paylines! Hit the scatter symbols and the Ox won’t be the only one who’s happy!

    Play Happy Golden Ox of Happiness

  • Haunted Opera

    Take a mysterious journey into the grand old Paris Opera House in search of impossible love, ghostly terror and opulent riches.

    Play Haunted Opera

  • Hen House

    Spins lead to the opportunity to win jumbo-egg rewards, a top award of 35,000x bet per line, 2 big jackpots & up to 25 free games.

    Play Hen House

  • Hidden Riches

    Embrace your inner Indiana Jones as you help the Adventurer discover the lost treasure of the New World!

    Play Hidden Riches

  • High Fashion

    Play High Fashion and become a rich and glamorous model that travels the world with this random progressive slot machine!

    Play High Fashion

  • Hillbillies

    Hide the moonshine and give the pigs a bath – the Hillbillies are coming! They may not be rich, but they could help you be!

    Play Hillbillies

  • Hillbillies Cashola


    Play Hillbillies Cashola

  • Hockey Hero

    Enter inside the arena where the audience is ready to witness an all star match of great action as the puck moves at lightening speed.

    Play Hockey Hero

  • Honey to the Bee

    Get your buzz on looking for worker bees that will lead you back to a hive full of tasty honey.

    Play Honey to the Bee

  • I Zombie

    I, Zombie is powered by Real-Time Gaming and is the perfect excuse to blow some heads off whilst you spin your way to infectious jackpots

    Play I Zombie

  • Incan Goddess

    Travel deep into the mountains of Peru to the sacred Temple of the Sun in search of lost Incan gold.

    Play Incan Goddess

  • It's a Mystery!

    Put your investigative skills to the test with this mystery game filled with hiding bonuses prizes.

    Play It's a Mystery!

  • Jumping Beans

    Enjoy this game that has a top award of 1,000x your bet per line, 2 big jackpots as high as $1,000 & a special Auto-Nudge feature.

    Play Jumping Beans

  • King of Swing

    Batter up! Step up to the plate and crush one high over the wall – and get thousands in casino winnings while you’re at it!

    Play King of Swing

  • Kung Fu Rooster

    Give Kung Fu Rooster a try, and ruffle some feathers today!

    Play Kung Fu Rooster

  • Lion's Lair

    It’s safari time as you travel to the wilds of Africa to loot the lair of the mighty king of the jungle.

    Play Lion's Lair

  • Loch Ness Loot

    Loch Ness Loot is definitely one of the most innovative games Real Time Gaming has released this year when it comes to online slots.

    Play Loch Ness Loot

  • London Inspector

    By Jeeves! Search alongside the London Inspector for myserterious signs and symbols to unravel thousands in jackpot winnings!

    Play London Inspector

  • Loose Caboose

    Jump onboard the Loose Caboose as it heads down the slot reel railroad tracks. Next stop: Jackpots!

    Play Loose Caboose

  • Lucha Libre 2

    Step into the ring to win big with the right moves in Lucha Libre 2 today!

    Play Lucha Libre 2

  • Lucky 6

    There’s a pot of gold waiting for you at the end of the rainbow. Want to grab it? Step into the world of Lucky 6 and get extra lucky.

    Play Lucky 6

  • Lucky 8

    The Chinese Emperor is expecting you at his court to play his game and earn imperial prizes. Your new fortune will be revealed!

    Play Lucky 8

  • Lucky Last

    Watch the rainbow fill the skies as it draws a fortune path that leads to a thematic voyage of instant prizes across the mountains.

    Play Lucky Last

  • Lucky Tiger

    Enjoy the East with colorful animated symbols and fantastic cash prizes that make up for a fun time that rewards great free games.

    Play Lucky Tiger

  • Magic Mushroom

    Get ready for the trip of a life time, in the all-new Magic Mushroom slot game now at Silver Oak Casino.

    Play Magic Mushroom

  • Mayan Queen

    Watch out for dangerous animals and ancient relics as you search for the Mayan Queen’s treasure!

    Play Mayan Queen

  • Medal Tally

    Ready. Set. And they’re off! Put on your sneakers and get some gatorade for this Olympic-themed slot favorite!

    Play Medal Tally

  • Megaquarium

    Megaquarium Dive into Megaquarium, and claim the underwater treasure.

    Play Megaquarium

  • Mermaid Queen

    Hold your breath and hit the water for an exciting undersea search for treasure in the enchanting realm of the Mermaid Queen.

    Play Mermaid Queen

  • Mermaids Pearls

    Get ready to swim and spin your way to a treasure chest of underwater riches in Mermaid’s Pearls! The aqua-inspired slots game at Silver Oak Casino!

    Play Mermaids Pearls

  • Mice Dice

    Sin City has been taken over by some cash hungry mice willing to help you to boost your bankroll in this rewarding slots machine game.

    Play Mice Dice

  • Mister Money

    It’s all beautiful women, private jets and stacks of crisp $100 bills when you live the high-life with Mister Money.

    Play Mister Money

  • Monster Mayhem

    Destroy the city with this Monster Mayhem and score massive prizes in the process!

    Play Monster Mayhem

  • Mystic Dragon

    Calling all heroes! Enter the dragon’s lair to find his golden treasure – if you dare!

    Play Mystic Dragon

  • Naughty or Nice III

    Seasonal fortune awaits you in the North Pole with the joyously new Naughty or Nice III slot game!

    Play Naughty or Nice III

  • Naughty or Nice Spring Break

    This time around, our sensual Santa assistants are ditching the North Pole and feeling frisky and generous at the beach.

    Play Naughty or Nice Spring Break

  • Naughty or Nice?

    Prizes are doubled if 1 or more sexy girls appear in a winning combination. Naughty or nice girls award free games & great bonuses.

    Play Naughty or Nice?

  • Ninja Star

    Got the ninja chops to be the ultimate high-flying, never-get-noticed warrior? Play Ninja Star and get rewarded for your skills!

    Play Ninja Star

  • Nova 7s

    With multiple features and exploding Novas, this new game will make you forget about how cold it is in space. Explore the stars with our newest slot here at Silver Oak Casino.

    Play Nova 7s

  • Ocean Dreams

    An underwater world where payouts of up to 50,000 and two progressive online casino jackpots create a fortune splash to remember.

    Play Ocean Dreams

  • Ocean Oddities

    With 5-reels and 25 paylines, plus 2 jackpots & a top award of 40,000x your bet, the deep blue sea will reward you with big prizes.

    Play Ocean Oddities

  • Orc vs Elf

    Join the great war between Orc vs. Elf! This 3D game will transport you into an adventure of GRAND prizes and golden riches!

    Play Orc vs Elf

  • Outta this World

    Hold your breath and grab your laser, it’s time to head out into the final frontier in search of aliens and black holes.

    Play Outta this World

  • Panda Magic

    Fireworks, sunsets and moonlight await you in the newest game, where the Magic Panda makes the rules and rewards you with big wins. Play this fun online slots game now at Silver Oak Casino.

    Play Panda Magic

  • Panda's Gold

    An exotic world awaits complete with gold and riches with the exciting Panda’s Gold slot game!

    Play Panda's Gold

  • Paradise Dreams

    It’s just you, a tropical island and a girl that’s both beautiful, and good for double your winnings when she appears in a winning combination.

    Play Paradise Dreams

  • Paris Beauty

    Practice your “bonjours” and bring a bon appétit – you’re about to search for beauties, and croissants, in scenic Paris.

    Play Paris Beauty

  • Paydirt!

    Everyone’s heading out West to hit Paydirt! but there’s no need to get a goldpan, just play this popular slot machine and rake in the gold!

    Play Paydirt!

  • Penguin Power

    It may be chilly out there, but Penguin Power is full of big prizes and a red hot bonus feature.

    Play Penguin Power

  • Pig Winner

    The Chinese calendar celebrates the lucky Year of the Pig in 2019. Find your fortune in the brand new Pig Winner slot!

    Play Pig Winner

  • Pirate Isle

    A lovable band of misfit pirates are waiting to steer you to treasure. Climb aboard Pirate Isle and enjoy one amazing 3D slots adventure you’ll never forget.

    Play Pirate Isle

  • Plentiful Treasure

    Golden riches await in far off lands with the enchanting Plentiful Treasure slot game!

    Play Plentiful Treasure

  • Polar Explorer

    Join the adventure in the Arctic where icy reels will spin your way towards fantastic jackpots, free games and long hours of fun!

    Play Polar Explorer

  • Popinata

    Join the Popiñata Party at Silver Oak. With its expanding wilds, re-spins and festive symbols, it’s a place you won’t want to leave.

    Play Popinata

  • Prince of Sherwood

    Be a robbin’ hood and bust out your bow n’ arrow to steal from the rich and give to yourself.

    Play Prince of Sherwood

  • Pulsar

    Get ready for a stellar journey with the all-new Pulsar slot game now at Silver Oak Casino.

    Play Pulsar

  • Purrfect Pets

    Play Purrfect Pets and unleash the fun.

    Play Purrfect Pets

  • Rain Dance

    Use ancient song and dance to invoke the spirits of the native people of North America to bless you with good luck.

    Play Rain Dance

  • Realm of Riches

    Travel back in time to a land of ruling royalty and chivalrous knights, where fabulous riches await the brave and lucky.

    Play Realm of Riches

  • Red Sands

    It’s just you and the ‘Roos as you search for riches in the desolate, beautiful red sands of the Aussie Outback.

    Play Red Sands

  • Regal Riches

    Play with 5-reels and 25-paylines that makes you royalty and puts you in charge of an entire kingdom of free games and treasures.

    Play Regal Riches

  • Return of the Rudolph

    Get hooked with Rudolph in his fun game of 5 reels & a 50 payline video slot that has a bunch of interesting & rewarding features.

    Play Return of the Rudolph

  • Ritchie Valens La Bamba

    Turn the clock back to the fantastic 50s and get down with Ritchie Valens La Bamba slot game!

    Play Ritchie Valens La Bamba

  • Roberta's Castle

    It’s time to let down your hair and visit the fairy-tale land of the imprisoned Roberta and the handsome prince who frees her.

    Play Roberta's Castle

  • Ronin

    Join forces with these powerful and skilled warriors of Japanese legend to share in their victories and the spoils of war.

    Play Ronin

  • Rudolph Awakens

    Get ready for the funny misadventures of your favorite Christmas characters in the new slot game that is Rudolph Awakens!

    Play Rudolph Awakens

  • Rudolph's Revenge

    Tired of not being able to play any reindeer games, Rudolph is finally taking his revenge! Win big with this hilarious 50-reel slot machine!

    Play Rudolph's Revenge

  • Samba Sunset

    With so many opportunities to win, you’ll be dancing the night away when you play Samba Sunset. Take this fun online slots game now at Silver Oak Casino.

    Play Samba Sunset

  • San Guo Zheng Ba

    San Guo Zheng Ba Slots: Play San Guo Zheng Ba Online at Silver Oak Casino

    Play San Guo Zheng Ba

  • Santa Strikes Back

    Join this fun joyous battle to settle order in Santa’s Secret Village for 7 free games and 3 or more scatter battles after a spin.

    Play Santa Strikes Back

  • Santastic!

    Ready for some Christmas cheer? We’re spreading it in the form of money. Come win big and celebrate the holidays all year long in Santastic!

    Play Santastic!

  • Scuba fishing

    Take the plunge and dive into a world of amazing adventure with Scuba Fishing today!

    Play Scuba fishing

  • Sea Captain

    It’s all hands on deck as you test the raging seas with the Captain in this nautical themed 25-line reel slot machine!

    Play Sea Captain

  • Secret Jungle

    Head deep into the heart of the rain forest in search of magnificent golden treasure in the dazzling new Secret Jungle slots game!

    Play Secret Jungle

  • Secret Symbol

    Secret Symbol Get lost in the jungle with Secret Symbol, the amazing new Aztec-themed slot from Real Time Gaming.

    Play Secret Symbol

  • Shanghai Lights

    Enter the dazzling world of the Shanghai nightlife with the exciting new slot game Shanghai Lights from Real Time Gaming, the ultimate way to get a taste of the high life at Silver Oak Casino.

    Play Shanghai Lights

  • Shark School

    All of the fish are running away from the bullies and the more you help save the fish, the more cash prizes you will receive.

    Play Shark School

  • Small Fortune

    Featuring 5-reels and 25 paylines, a top award of 7,500x your bet, plus two big jackpots, you’ll bring a picnic basket for lunch.

    Play Small Fortune

  • Snowmania

    Snowmania Listen to the sleigh bells, prepare warm cocoa and prepare to enter a winter wonderland in our newest slot, Snowmania. With ice wilds, crushing symbols and prize multipliers, you won’t find a nicer gift in under the tree.

    Play Snowmania

  • Stardust


    Play Stardust

  • Storm Lords

    Grab your umbrella and rubber boots as we head straight through the eye of the almighty Storm Lords!

    Play Storm Lords

  • Sunken Treasure

    Put on your diving suit and explore the bottom of the ocean as you hunt for shipwrecks and sunken treasure.

    Play Sunken Treasure

  • Super 6

    Collect four or more Super 6 Scatters and win tons of free games in the exciting new slot from the pros at Real Time Gaming

    Play Super 6

  • Sweet 16

    You don’t need a Golden Ticket to access this magical land filled with gobstoppers, gumballs, peppermints, and lollipops. Sweet 16 pays out big. No Golden Ticket necessary.

    Play Sweet 16

  • Swindle All the Way

    Stop the robbers from stealing Christmas cheer, play Swindle All the Way today!

    Play Swindle All the Way

  • T-Rex

    Go toe to toe with the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex in a prehistoric treasure hunt. But watch out for his enormous teeth and feeble little arms!

    Play T-Rex

  • T-Rex II

    Walk with the dinosaurs and head on a wild journey to the land before time where you’ll hunt for free games, eggs and treasure!

    Play T-Rex II

  • Tally Ho

    Off you go into the wild, blue yonder in this thrilling game that puts the fun back into aerial combat.

    Play Tally Ho

  • Texan Tycoon

    Build your own oil empire with the Texan Tycoon but instead of striking Texas Tea, you’ll strike a slot jackpot!

    Play Texan Tycoon

  • The Big Bopper

    The Big Bopper The Big Bopper has landed at Silver Oak Casino and he’s brought with him all the top hits you’ve been craving—big payouts, big bonus rounds, and big rewards with every spin of the reels.

    Play The Big Bopper

  • The Elf Wars

    The Elf Wars slot is an exciting new slot that features a North Pole theme, 50 pay lines and plenty of bonuses.

    Play The Elf Wars

  • The Mariachi 5

    Get ready to sing and dance and spin your way to a piñata full of riches with The Mariachi 5! The 5-reel, 243-payline, Mexico-inspired slots game at Silver Oak Casino!

    Play The Mariachi 5

  • The Naughty List

    We've made our list, checked it twice, and it turns out you've been naughty, which is actually pretty nice… considering all the rewards in The Naughty List.

    Play The Naughty List

  • The Nice List

    You're guaranteed a spot in Santa's good books when you play The Nice List, an online slots game where presents are the norm, no matter how good or bad you've been this year!

    Play The Nice List

  • The Three Stooges

    Knyuck, knyuck, knyuck! Join Larry, Curly and Moe on their next adventure as they search for a hidden casino jackpot!

    Play The Three Stooges

  • The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom

    Help Shemp find a bride before time runs out in this hilarious online slots game that's based on the short film of the same name.

    Play The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom

  • Tiger Treasures

    Journey into the deepest, darkest jungles of China in search of tigers and the lost treasure of an ancient kingdom.

    Play Tiger Treasures

  • Treasure Chamber

    Grab your fedora and your bug spray, you’re going hunting for a fabled treasure chamber in the deepest, darkest tropical jungle.

    Play Treasure Chamber

  • Trigger Happy

    Get ready to ride like the wind and spin your way to a bonanza of riches with Trigger Happy! The Western-inspired slots game at Silver Oak Casino!

    Play Trigger Happy

  • Triple Toucan

    Go fruit loopy as you step into the beautiful tropical rainforest in a search for those colorful and wily toucans.

    Play Triple Toucan

  • Triple Twister

    Hang onto your hat as you chase the giant Twister – and earn some scratch while you’re at it!

    Play Triple Twister

  • Triton's Treasure

    This underwater game will award you with Free Spin Bonus Rounds that have bet multipliers & progressive jackpots of $250 and $1000.

    Play Triton's Treasure

  • Vegas Lux

    Vegas Lux is the exciting new slot game where everyone can live the glamorous life of a Sin City high roller!

    Play Vegas Lux

  • Victory

    Man the cannons and hoist the flag. It’s all hands on deck as you battle for Queen and country aboard the HMS Victory.

    Play Victory

  • Vikings Voyage

    Plunder and pillage your way to riches as you join a marauding crew of Vikings on a longboat voyage across the sea.

    Play Vikings Voyage

  • Warlock's Spell

    Enter the warlock’s dank and dangerous lair for a mystical adventure full of black cats and witches and spells, oh my!

    Play Warlock's Spell

  • White Rhino

    Go on a safari adventure you won’t forget! Spot the elusive White Rhino and score huge prizes in the process!

    Play White Rhino

  • Wild Hog Luau

    Check out the all-new Wild Hog Luau slot game now at Silver Oak Casino.

    Play Wild Hog Luau

  • Wild Wizards

    Conjure up the biggest of winnings with magic! The wizard has carefully brewed up a multitude of spells to enrapture all the players of Wild Wizards.

    Play Wild Wizards

  • Witchs Brew

    Spooky symbols, two different Wilds, and the chance of triggering 125 free games. Sit down for a spell and try Witch’s Brew, the charming new slot from RTG gaming.

    Play Witchs Brew

  • Wok and Roll

    Our superstar chef is making a tasty meal with two bonus rounds and a tasty 40,000-to-1 payout!

    Play Wok and Roll

  • Wooden Boy

    Help the Wooden Boy become real – and win thousands with the spin of our reels at the same time!

    Play Wooden Boy

  • Year of Fortune

    Celebrate the Year of the Ox with style. Gather lucky symbols and uncover the God of Wealth to truly make this your lucky year!

    Play Year of Fortune

  • Zhanshi

    Take up arms and fight for glory and honor in this commanding new slot from the masters at Real Time Gaming. Charge the battlefield while enjoying gorgeous graphics and impressive wins.

    Play Zhanshi

Video Slots

Play our video slots for 2 of the best bonus rounds. Food fight in particular has a hilarious feature where you can throw food at characters of different people (perhaps the bully from school or a noisy neighbor).

  • Food Fight

    Keep your head down and watch out for pitched pizza, turfed tomatoes and hurled hamburgers, plus a pie-flying bonus game.

    Play Food Fight

  • Jazz Time

    Bebop your way to fame and fortune in a smoky, little club down New Orleans way. You might even nail a huge progressive jackpot.

    Play Jazz Time

3 Reel Classics

Simple, old-fashioned, classic. All phrases to describe the all-time favourites. These single payline slot machines offer the ultimate in simplicity, with familiar symbols like cherries and lucky 7's.

  • Bank on it

    Even losing spins can turn into big winners when you raid the piggy bank in this classic 3 reel slot.

    Play Bank on it

  • Bonkers

    In this classic slot, if you get Bonkers you could win big! So don’t be afraid to get a little Bonkers! Bonkers!

    Play Bonkers

  • Diamond Mine

    No need to get 3 of a kind, since even a single diamond means cash in this classic three-reel slot machine.

    Play Diamond Mine

  • Diamond Mine Deluxe

    Boasting a few surprises, this classic three-reeler will double your fun, and your prizes when you hit a Double Diamond symbol.

    Play Diamond Mine Deluxe

  • Lucky Lightnin'

    You’d better grab your best asbestos underwear ’cause you’re about to ride these three-reels of lightning all the way to the bank.

    Play Lucky Lightnin'

  • Sevens and Stripes

    Follow the red, white and blue to a land of wealth and prosperity in this old school 3 reel slot.

    Play Sevens and Stripes

  • Triple 7 Inferno

    Go old-school Las Vegas with this classic three reel slot machine. 7s are lucky, and if they’re on fire they’re even luckier.

    Play Triple 7 Inferno

Bonus 3 Reel

More classic 3 reel slots, this time with a twist.

  • High Rollers

    Put on that tie-dye and get ready to feel groovy in this psychedelic three-reel flashback to the Summer of love.

    Play High Rollers

  • Operation M.Y.O.W.

    Make Your Own Win (M.Y.O.W.) in this cat and Japan-themed slot, where you get to choose your favorite from five different pay tables.

    Play Operation M.Y.O.W.

  • Pharaoh's Gold

    Hunt for a lost tomb in the Egyptian desert as you dig for a vast treasure buried with an ancient king.

    Play Pharaoh's Gold

Other online slots Games

  • Lucha Libre

    Step into the ring with this hilarious slots adventure. Wild wrestlers are waiting to help you achieve big winnings, so tune in to the mad delight of Lucha Libre!

    Play Lucha Libre

Slot Types

Slot machines have come a long way since the early days of the classic one-armed bandits. These days, there are several variations of online slot machine games; each with a unique set of reels, paylines, bonus material, prizes to be won, and many other differences.

Fruit Machines – Fruit machines are most common in places like the UK. They are practically the same as a slot machine, only they work with a “Hold” or “Nudge” feature instead. The hold option usually allows a player to secure one of the reels in place until the next spin. The nudge feature allows the player to gently move one of the reels down to bring the symbol above it onto the payline display. Both of these features give the player an advantage compared to most slot games, particularly if they are 1 or 2 moves away from hitting a winning combination on the reels.

3-Reel Slots – 3-reel slots are the classic form of slot machine games, and can be found in both online casinos and land-based establishments across the world.  They work with 3 columns with 3 rows of symbols, and the middle row is the payline. Many players opt to play 3-reel slots because there’s no real strategic thinking involved. Plus, they tend to be the easiest games and come with low wagering requirements. However, they are still capable of paying out large sums of money if you happen to strike the right combination of symbols.

5-Reel Slots – In the majority of online casinos, 5-reel slots tend to be the most common and exciting version of real money slot games you can play. Sometimes they’re referred to as video slots because they usually tend to be online games with multiple paylines, which can go into the 100s! Another difference between 5-reel slots and other slot games is the fact that they work with special wild and scatter symbols. These are designed to give the player more chances to win and have the ability to unlock bonus content such as free games, free spins, and bet multipliers.

3D Slots – 3D slots are one of the latest versions of the game to hit the online casino market. They are exactly the same as standard video slots, only (as the name implies), they work 3D graphics and animated characters to interact with throughout the game. Most of these types of slots are more like stories than casino games, as they usually tend to be based around certain themes or stories too. And, of course, you get to play for real money while taking on the role as the game’s main character! Pretty cool way to play right?!

i-Slots – i-Slots are also the latest edition to make their way into online casinos. Like 3D slots, they still work with reels, paylines, wilds, scatters, and other exciting features. Only i-Slots have been adapted to allow players to carve out their own storylines by spinning different combinations on the reels – or by partaking in a side feature/adventure within the game. These interactive slot games usually have several alternative endings as well, which makes them highly appealing!

Progressive Slots – Most online slots have either a jackpot or a top reward to play for. Real money slot games with progressive jackpots however, are games designed with a jackpot amount which increases gradually over time. It grows whenever someone plays the game; so the more players, the higher the amount. Once the jackpot has been won and claimed, it resets and starts all over again. Although wins tend to be a rare occurrence with many progressive slots, if you do happen to strike gold – you could be paid out millions. The largest-winning progressive jackpot ever recorded was for $11.8 million on a game called Mega Moolah by Microgaming.


Real Money vs Free Games

There’s many reasons to play slot games for free: you don’t risk any of your own money, you get familiar with the rules, payout potential and how the game works, plus you get to sharpen your slot playing skill overall. But, the reality of playing slots for free means that although you’ve essentially got nothing to lose, you’ve got nothing to gain either. Playing real money slot games, however, gives you a whole new level of excitement, because you know that there is always a possibility that the next spin of the reels could land you a win, or better yet, a highly-coveted jackpot!



Can I play online slots for real money?

As we’ve been saying this whole time, of course you can! Practicing the game for free first is a great way to get familiar with how it works, as well as the odds, paytables, and all the other features within the game. It’s not just our online slots you can practice on either – you can try out any one of the casino games hosted on our website entirely for free before you commit to playing with real money. Taking your time to get to know these games in advance is something worth factoring into all of your casino gaming strategies!

How do I play real money slot games online?

If you want to play for free, simply navigate to the game and select “play for fun” and once you’re ready to play for real money, you can simply switch to this option before the next games starts. Just make sure you remember to deposit some funds into your bankroll beforehand!

Are online slots safe to play?

At Silver Oak casino, we take player security and privacy very seriously. That also means looking out for our players’ welfare while they play any our casino games too. On top of that, our casino along with the entire iGaming industry is regulated by an official gaming authority or commission. This means that the likelihood of fraud of misuse of personal information is practically nonexistent. So, yes, online slots are very safe to play indeed.

How can I make a deposit to play online slots?

Making a deposit into your account is easy and takes a matter of minutes, providing you have an account already. If you don’t, make sure you sign up first – then proceed to follow these below steps:

  • Launch the Silver Oak software, and select the ‘Play for Real Money’ option.
  • Enter your Real Money Account Name and password in the ‘Login’ screen.
  • Click on the ‘Cashier’ icon, followed by the ‘Deposit’ option.
  • Select your preferred Deposit method.

We accept the majority of credit and debit cards as well as selected eWallet services. You can deposit in a multitude of different currencies too; just bear in mind that this will always be converted into U.S. dollars.

What kind of online slot games are available at Silver Oak?

You’ll discover a collection of over 80 unique and exciting real money slot games to play at our casino. Whether you’re looking for 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, online slots with progressive jackpots, free slots – you name it! Every online slot game we offer comes in its own special theme, complete with one-of-a-kind bonus features, prizes, symbols and everything in between. So, don’t worry, you’ll always find a slot game that you can fully immerse yourself in here at Silver Oak!

How can I be sure the results are fair?

Every casino game we offer (in addition to real money slot games) all work with special technologies known as RNGs (Random Number Generators). These are responsible for making sure every spin of the reel, card dealt and dice thrown is an entirely unique event. All online casino games are powered this way, to ensure there can be no external or outside influences to the results of each game.

Is it true that casinos can alter the payouts for online slots?

We’re not too sure about land-based casinos, but we can assure you that there is in no way any legitimate online casino would be able to alter the payouts of a game. First, it’s not the casino that actually powers the games, it’s the software developers; in our case this would be the creative game gurus at Realtime Gaming. Secondly, tampering with anything in the games (not just the payouts) would completely violate all laws and gambling regulations set out by the Gaming Commission.

Can I play online slots for mobile?

You most certainly can, and you can expect the same thrills and excitement as you would from playing on a computer. Our mobile-based casino comes with the same top-level bonuses and promotions you can expect when you play Silver Oak on a desktop, PC or Mac. The only real difference with playing casino games via your mobile is the smaller screen, and the fact that you could be anywhere and still have access to your favorite games. Including real money slot games!

What does RTP mean?

RTP means the Return to Player percentage. It’s a term which casinos use to describe how much a game will pay out to the player over time, based on how much they put in. With slots, the average RTP is between 90-95%, meaning for every $1 you invest into the machine, you may expect to get 90 cents back in winnings. This doesn’t mean you are destined for a jackpot of course, but it gives you an idea of how payouts are calculated. This helps you to establish whether a game is worth playing in the first place, or whether it should continue to be played.

Which of your real money slot games have the best themes?

Now you’re asking! With over 80 exciting real money slot games to play, you really are spoiled for choice. It also depends on what you’re into in terms of themes. Maybe you like oriental types, in which case we have Cai Hong, Fu Chi, Lucky Tiger, Fire Dragon, Fantasy Mission Force and other Jackie Chan-themed slot games. Or, maybe you’re more into seasonal games. Try your luck at exciting slots like Naughty or Nice III, Halloween Treasures, and Rudolph’s Revenge. There’s almost a theme for everything here at Silver Oak: historic slots, animals, celebrities, Wild West, horror, mystery, adventure, fantasy – the list could truly go on!


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