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The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom Guide

“I…Shemp from The Three Stooges…take anyone, really, to be my
lawfully wedded wife.” That’s right, in sickness and health, till death do they part, Shemp Howard and some random girl are getting married. The wedding is fast approaching and you’re invited. But if you’re wondering whose name to write on the card, just put “Shemp and his beautiful bride”. You see, Shemp is getting married, but he doesn’t actually have a bride yet.

That’s the premise of this 5-reel, 33-payline online slots game starring The Three Stooges. Join Larry and Moe on the quest to find Shemp a bride before time runs out! He’s only got a few hours to find a wedding ring and someone to give it to or he’ll risk losing his uncle’s inheritance! But don’t worry about time running out too quickly. This one is packed with free re-spins and bonus rounds, so you’ll have loads of chances to find that bride!

How to Play

The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom was originally a short film that’s seen many airings on television. So we’ve made playing the slots version of this classic Three Stooges tale as easy as using a remote control (and not today’s ridiculously complicated remote controls either). It’s easy to get in the game and you don’t need a haircut like Moe Howard to feel like a true Stooge. Just start off by placing your bet. To do that, use the little up and down arrows that are located next to the Bet and Lines buttons. Click them up to raise your selections. Click them down to lower them. When you’re happy with your choices, just click the Spin button and the game will start. It’s that simple.

Controlling the Game


The Spin button tells the game to place your bet and get the reels moving. When they come to a stop, the software will automatically check to see if you’ve match symbols and then pay you out for any wins.


Rather sit back and watch The Stooges do their thing? Turn on Autoplay and the software will spin for you using your last locked in bet and line amounts. It’ll keep betting and spinning for you automatically until you turn it off.


Rather sit back and watch The Stooges do their thing? Turn on Autoplay and the software will spin for you using your last locked in bet and line amounts. It’ll keep betting and spinning for you automatically until you turn it off.

Symbols and Characters

The Three Stooges

This is the wild symbol in the game. If you hit two symbols and you’re missing the third, The Three Stooges can sub in for the missing symbol to help you complete a winning payline. When Stooges cover one or more reels, you could earn re-spins or end up playing the bonus round.


The Rings symbol is the scatter symbol in the game. While other symbols pay left to right, scatter symbols pay out in any direction. That means you could win big without necessarily lining up symbols on a payline.

How to get to the Bonus Feature

Cover reels 2, 3, and 4 with Stooge symbols and you’ll get to play the special Stooge Picks bonus round. If you only end up covering one reel, don’t worry. That still gets you one free re-spin. Cover two reels? You’ll earn three re-spins. Remember, when you re-spin, you don’t have to wager any additional money of your own.

How to play the Bonus Feature

Grab your remote control because when you enter the Stooge Picks bonus round, you’ll be presented with several TV sets. Your job? Change the channel on the TV sets to a Three Stooges episode and reveal your prize. Whatever you click over to is yours. You could win re-spins, prize multipliers, and other cool surprises. Plus, you’ll get to keep picking until you land on a commercial break. And by commercial break we mean broken hearts. Remember, this is all about finding Shemp a bride, not making him fall out of love.

Game Rules

There aren’t a ton of rules to follow along in this one. After all, The Three Stooges are famous for coloring outside the lines. But there is one important rule you should pay attention to. While the wild Stooges symbol can take the place of other symbols to help you finish a winning payline, they can’t substitute in for the scattered Ring symbol. What’s more, the Stooge Picks feature game can only be entered by covering off the middle three reels with Stooges. If you cover off another reel but are missing one of the middle three, you won’t be eligible to play the bonus round.

Win Free Re-Spins

The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom doesn’t come with a random jackpot, but that doesn’t mean you can’t win like a champion at the end of a game. Instead of shower your with a random jackpot and loads of riches, this online slots game opts to award players with random free spins, randomly, upon the conclusion of a game.

History of The Three Stooges: Brideless Groom

If you love The Three Stooges, you’ll recognize The Brideless Groom. It’s the name of an actual Three Stooges short film from 1947 that starred Larry, Moe, and Shemp. The premise was pretty hilarious, even by today’s standards. Shemp has been left a massive inheritance, but in order to score his uncle’s loot, the will stipulates that he must be married. Shemp has just a few hours to find Mrs. Right. Or at the very least Mrs. Right Now. So what happens at the end? Does Shemp find the right woman to satisfy his inheritance obligations? Watch the episode to find out. Or give this 33-payline slots game a spin.


Stooge Picks

Want to watch a little TV? Then fill up the middle three reels with Stooge symbols and you’ll get to play the Stooge Picks feature. When you’re presented with a bunch of TVs, change the channel to The Three Stooges to see what you’ve won. Keep tuning in on each TV you see for more prizes until you see two matching broken hearts.

Lucky Stooge Re-Spins

You don’t have to match symbols to win. With the Lucky Stooge Re-Spins feature, you could win 9 or 33 free re-spins just for playing. It’s completely random and happens more often than you think.


Want to enjoy a little Three Stooges action without lifting a finger? Turn on Autoplay and let the software do all the work. After each spin (any payout, of course), the software will spin again for you, automatically.

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