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Vegas Three Card Rummy Guide

Vegas Three Card Rummy is played between you and the Dealer with one standard 52-card deck. You are dealt three cards face up and the Dealer takes three cards face down. The goal of Vegas Three Card Rummy is to get fewer points than the Dealer. Once you learn how the point system works, this casino table game can triple your fun with big wins.

How to Play Vegas Three Card Rummy

The object of the game is to score a lower point value for your hand than what the Dealer has.

Player’s Turn

Click on the chips to Ante up. Although optional, you can also wager a Bonus Bet by clicking on the Bonus Bet diamond and then on the desired chip value. Click Deal to begin the round of play. You are dealt three cards face up and the Dealer is dealt three cards face down. If you think you can beat the Dealer, click Bet to continue. The Bet amount will be equal to the Ante and double your bet. Clicking Fold ends the round and you forfeit the Ante and Bonus Bets. Click on the Rebet button if you would like to repeat the previous wager(s) and deal the cards for a new round of play.

Dealer’s Turn

After Raising, the Dealer’s cards are revealed. To qualify, the Dealer’s hand has to contain 20 points or less. If not, you win even money on the Ante and the Raise wager is returned. If the Dealer’s hand qualifies, it is compared to your hand. The winner has the lowest point total in their hand. If the Dealer has the lowest point value, you lose your Ante, Bonus and Raise bets. If you have the lowest point value, the Ante is paid 1:1 and the Raise bet is paid according to the pay-table.

You Win When

If your three-card total is less than the Dealer, or if the Dealer did not qualify with 20 points or less, you win your Ante and Raise bets. You win your Bonus Bet (if played), when your card total is 12 points or less.

Game Features and Bonus Rounds

The Bonus Bet

The Bonus Bet is an optional wager that is added during the Ante portion of the game. To add a Bonus Bet, click on the Bonus Bet diamond and then on the desired chip and continue the round of play. You win if your hand contains 12 points or less. The Bonus Bet is a not measured against the Dealer’s hand, it is paid out based on your hand’s total point value. If you fold your hand, your also lose your Bonus Bet.

Bonus Bet Payouts

Jackpot Information

There is no jackpot in Silver Oak Casino’s Vegas Three Card Rummy casino game.

Additional Rules

Card Point Values

Standard Bet Payouts

Strategy & Tips

Some players find that the bonus bet can maximize their winnings. Let’s say you typically ante up $50 per round. If you place all $50 as the ante and raise, that brings your full exposure to $100. If you split the bet between ante and bonus ($25 to each), raising brings your total exposure to $75 and offers two opportunities to win.


Most historians state that all Rummy games were originally alternative versions of Poker which originated with the French settlers in the American West. There are striking similarities between the two in the way cards are combined and both sharing the same concepts of sequences and matching ranks. According to “Scarne On Cards”, written by John Scarne in 1949, Rummy was developed from a game called “Whiskey Poker”, which later became known as “Rum Poker”, and eventually as “Rummy”.


Your potential for winning Three Card Vegas Rummy will be much higher when you understand all the terms used in the game.

Ante: Initial wager to begin the round of play.

Bet: Button clicked to ante up or raise, then deals the cards.

Bonus Bet: Additional side wager won by scoring less than 12 points in your hand.

Deal: Button to begin the round of play after you ante up.

Raise: If you think you can beat the Dealer, click Bet to double your bet and continue the round of play.

Fold: Button to throw in your cards and end the current round of play. You forfeit your Ante (and Bonus Bet, if any).

Rebet: Button to repeat your previous wager scheme (Ante and Bonus Bet, if any) and deals the cards.

Practice your skills or teach yourself Vegas Three Card Rummy for free — . Beat the dealer by having less points than him the game or try the rest of our web play games from Silver Oak Casino for free – no-download necessary!

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