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Voodoo Magic Guide

Defy the shadows and try Voodoo Magic, the bewitching new 13 line slot game from Real Time Gaming. With stunning artwork and eerie atmospheric effects, Voodoo Magic features spooky Wild Priestesses and scattered Voodoo Dolls. Players will receive up to 25 Free Spins with any scatter win and a chance of a Magic Multiplier being awarded at the start of the feature. Magic Multiplier prizes are x1 in the 1st Free Spin, x2 in the 2nd, and they continue to increase on each Free Spin! The more you bet, the more the powers of the voodoo priestesses and enchanted symbols can help you reach your goal of winning loads of big, big bucks. Manipulate your luck usi the dark powers of voodoo. Make the riches flow in with Voodoo Magic.

How to Play

You don’t need to become a pupil of a voodoo witch and master the dark arts in order to play this game, much less to win lots of cash. As a matter of fact we hope you don’t do so. As long as you can use the mouse and click a couple buttons you are on your way to majorly banking. All you have to do is start by making your bet. Then select the lines you want to play with. You can choose any number of lines to play with; anywhere from 1 all the way up to 13 lines or any number in between. Use the up and down arrows to select the number of lines. Your wish is the voodoo priestess’s command. After that, the next step you need to take is to play. Lock your bet by clicking the SPIN button. Now watch as the voodoo conjures up your winnings. The lines win from left to right. Get the right line combos along with the scatter symbols. Try to make the most of the large number of lines and the scatter symbol that can get you up to 25 free spins. Dive into the Voodoo Magic.

Controlling the Game

The safest way to grasp Voodoo Magic is by understanding how the controls work. They are very simple. You’ve got paylines, bet, and spin controls. You can also click Autoplay and let the voodoo reveal to you its true magnificence… and treasures.


Voodoo takes the ordinary and flicks it on its backside. So, number 13 that is usually considered wretched undergoes the voodoo spell and becomes fortunate. In Voodoo Magic there are 13 variable paylines. Bet on as many as you want to maximize your winning potential.


Choose the number of lines with the arrows. You can earn up to 50,000 times your bet per line. Occasionally voodoo indeed does pay off.


Click on SPIN to commence the wheels of fate revolving.


Voodoo works in surreptitious ways. You can control it yourself, or you can let the voodoo naturally progress and see where it takes you and what recompenses it brings. You can pick how many turns you want to automate and the bet amount using Autoplay.

Wild symbol – The voodoo priestess is the wild or substitute symbol. It replaces any symbol except for the voodoo doll. This permits for limitless winning combos. Try and see how many distinct combos you can make with the obscure capacities of the voodoo priestess.
Scatter symbol – The voodoo doll is the scatter symbol. When three or more show, the scatter win is added to your line wins. The scatter can win you up to 25 free spins. That signifies more chances at big winnings, but free! The more you wager, the better your likelihoods at seizing the scatter symbol wins.

How to get to the Bonus Feature

Any scatter can win you up to 25 free spins. Also, the Magic Multiplier can trigger during the scatter. This Magic Multiplier can award players with x1 in the first free spin, x2 in the second free spin, and so on sequentially up to x25 in the 25th free spin.

How to play the Bonus Feature

The bonus round is the number of free spins you accumulate from the scatter symbols. If you have earned one free spin, the bonus round is just one spin; if you earned 25 free spins, the bonus round is 25 free spins. It’s all a matter of how the voodoo conjures up the symbols. Playing the free spins is exactly the same as playing the normal rounds, only without the betting part. You just click on SPIN and watch the voodoo manifest. It really is that simple. The more free spins you earn, the more money you potentially can win.

Game Rules

Here’s how the free spins work. Believe it or not, even voodoo has rules. During the free spins, there is a chance that a Magic Multiplier will activate, and this multiplies your prizes. Magic Multiplier prizes are x1 in the first free spin, x2 in the second, and so on sequentially; they increase with each spin. Voodoo dolls do not appear in the free spins. That would just be too much voodoo. Free spins are played at the lines and bet that were in place when the feature was triggered. Master the rules and the Voodoo Magic rewards are yours.

Two Jackpots – Major and Minor

Voodoo is truly a power to respect. Even voodoo has its limits, meaning in Voodoo Magic, there are no jackpots. This is because the scatters and the Magic Multiplier make the winnings potentially better than a jackpot. So, instead of seeing this as limiting, see the check as an advantage.

History of Voodoo Magic

This month, October, is the month for celebrating the forces of nature, light and dark. Voodoo Magic came to be because of this curious month and the curious custom of Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, as it used to be called. This night is when, as the occidental folklore goes, all the spirits, monsters, witches, warlocks, and demons are unleashed on the land. Whether or not you believe in this kind of superstition, this provided a good inspiration for this new game. Voodoo Magic, of course, is not evil or going to bring bad luck. Make Voodoo Magic your best friend and win lots of money to ward off the superstitions.


Wild symbol – The voodoo priestess:

this mystic wielder of voodoo abilities can morph herself into any symbol in the game, with the exception of her favorite tool, the voodoo doll.

Scatter symbol – The voodoo doll:

the priestess’s tool. This symbol, instead of bringing bad, brings good. The more appear the better for the player. They can activate the Magic Multiplier.

Magic Multiplier:

This is the maximum manifestation of the magical power of voodoo. It multiplies your winnings during the free spins earned from the dolls. When triggered, it uses the bet and lines you had active on the triggering spin.

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