It has always been the goal of Silver Oak Casino to provide the very best in everything from overall gaming experience to service, entertainment and excitement. We hope that the key features and benefits offered by the Centurion Program help to enhance your gambling experience and make playing casino games online just as enjoyable and rewarding as playing in any land-based casino.

Each player to be selected for membership in our Centurion Club will receive some specific benefits immediately upon their becoming a member as well as becoming entitled to many special cash prizes, tournaments and other rewards that will be offered throughout their course of play at Silver Oak Casino.

While membership to the Centurion Club is by invitation only, we do allow players to contact our VIP Department for details on what they can do to be invited. It is our wish to create an exclusive environment for VIP’s while still making the program available to those who wish to join.

We hope you enjoy the program and wish you nothing but the best of luck!


The entire Centurion VIP Team
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Invitation Only: Just by being here, you have probably already been hand-selected to be a part of the most exclusive gaming experience online. If you are not yet a member of the Centurion Club, please contact us now for details on how you can immediately become one.