Is it Effective to Play with a Strategy?

For some games, strategies are absolutely essential to maximizing your odds. Blackjack basic strategy is a widely accepted and highly effective way to supercharge your chances of a big win. Similarly, a sound playing strategy at the video poker machines can, in some cases, give gamblers an elusive edge over the house. For some games, however, the results are less convincing. Consider slots and roulette. In both cases, the games have completely randomized results, which should greatly decrease the results of a play strategy, right? Well, according to some industry experts, utilizing a strategy can still improve your results, even at random gaming options. Let’s take a closer look at these reports and determine the true effectiveness of playing with a strategy.

Slot Machines

Unlike the mechanical three-reel machines of yesteryear, today’s slots are loaded with electronic features allowing for more reels, more lines and more chances to win. Some machines have nine lines; some machines have 100 or more. The first step to developing a slots strategy is to find the balance that feels best for you. According to conventional wisdom, the best way to promote wins at slots is to play the maximum number of lines on each spin, so choosing a 100 line machine can get expensive. Despite this strategy, there’s little to support the theory that playing maximum lines improves your odds. Unfortunately for slots players, strategies are minimally effective without a healthy supply of luck.


Unlike slots, roulette betting strategies can have a significant impact on winnings. For example, consistently betting on individual numbers is a quick way to find yourself broke. In most cases, the outside bets, which provide an opportunity to double your wager, are a good choice for beginners. However, there are plenty of less common options to consider when at the roulette table. You can bet on six numbers for a chance at a five to one payout, two numbers for a 17 to one payout, or nearly any combination in between. For more information on these bets, just ask your dealer. You’ll still need luck to capitalize in roulette, but there’s no question that a solid play strategy can improve your chances.

Betting strategies are a great way to stretch your bankroll into a more satisfying gaming experience. While they have limited effectiveness in luck-based games when it comes to increasing your winning percentage, making smart wagers will help you avoid improbable bets in order to maximize your odds of success. For blackjack and video poker, playing with a strategy is an absolutely essential portion of any successful gaming experience. With slot machines and roulette, these strategies serve as more of a betting guideline to keep your play consistent despite the random results.

Although strategies can’t be proven effective in increasing the odds, that hasn’t stopped players from developing lucky techniques to inspire winning streaks over the long history of the gaming industry. If you’ve got a strategy that has proven successful, keep using it! After all, there’s no harm in committing to consistency at the casino.