If you are an online casino player you are probably very familiar with French Roulette, however you may have noticed that it is not as common to see people playing at land based casinos. A lot of the most popular casino on the Strip and around the world do not even offer such variation of Roulette, while American and European Roulette are always present.

Some online casinos do offer French Roulette but as a single game and this has a lot to do with the house edge and the average return of the game. The three variants of roulette offer very different returns. For those who are not familiar with the term house edge, the simplest definition is that it is the percent of each wager that the casino expects to get as winnings. From this concept you can understand that the higher the house edge, the more the casino profits.

Whereas American and European roulette offer a 5.26% and 2.70% house edge, respectively, French roulette only offers a 1.35% house return on even money bets and a 2.70% on all other bets. However, if we think about it, some casinos offer some variants of Blackjack and Video Poker with house edges of less than 1%.


The difference is that Roulette is a game purely based on luck and so, in the long run, the house will always get its return. In blackjack and video poker there is a skill factor and the issue is that even though the house edge is only 0.5%, this involves that the player uses perfect strategy and that is rarely the case. As a result, the house can expect returns of almost 10%.

There lies the issue why French Roulette poses the least attractive option for casino owners and they prefer to keep it away from the players as much as they can. However, I encourage you t try the game as it is a lot of fun. I will try to post more information on it later on the week. Happy grinding!