Are Steroids Killing Sports?

We have a variety of online slot machines with themes related to popular sports. And you don’t have to take performance enhancing drugs to win at our football slot, baseball slot or car racing slot. But, according to what’s happening in the news these days, you better be juicing like crazy if you want to succeed in the big leagues of any of those sports.

Manny Ramirez is just the latest big, muscle-bound fish to get caught in the net of Major League Baseball drug-testing. He’s one of the most popular players in the game so it came as a surprise to some that he was cheating. But if it did surprise you, clearly you haven’t been paying attention. There are so many drugs in baseball that even the bat-boys are taking human growth hormone just to fit in. And, even stranger, a NASCAR driver, Jeremy Mayfield, and two pit crew guys were just caught with positive tests. I’m not quite sure what drugs you can take to make driving fast in circles any easier, but there you go.

Of course, what’s even more annoying than just the fact that they’re all cheating by taking drugs, is what they say when they get caught. If you believe him, Manny was dosed by his trainer, without his knowledge. And the NASCAR driver apparently just took the wrong cold medicine, of course. But hey, like I said, you don’t have to take ‘roids to win at any of our sports-themed slots right here at Silver Oak.