Criss Angel Mixed up in Feline Fued

You never know what a magician might conjure out of his hat. In the case of the guy in the bonus-ilicious video poker game Mystery Bonus Poker, it’s a special hand every deal that awards extra payouts. In the case of the megastar of stage and TV, Criss Angel, it’s a shocking cat-napping plot, complete with taunting phone calls and an angry fellow Vegas showman.

If reports are to be believed, it seems that Vegas showman Jeff Beacher gave his pet cat to a friend, so Beacher could mourn the death of his father. At that point, Criss Angel allegedly made the cat disappear, like magicians do, then made it re-appear in his own custody.

But the most disturbing part of the story is the alleged phonecalls that Beacher soon received from Criss Angel. In them, the Mind-Freak said: “I took your cat…he lives with me now…the cat no longer likes you…the cat and I have become close friends.” One can only speculate on the kind of mind-control exerted by Criss Angel on the defenceless cat, as, so far, the cat has refused any comment to the media.