Hollywood Big Shot’s Mansion on Sale for $150 million

The late Hollywood producer Aaron Spelling was the most prolific and successful in the history of television. And all that success made him a few bucks. Enough, in fact, to buy a mansion that is now on the market for $150 million dollars. it’s being sold by the wife of this Hollywood Big Shot, who apparently doesn’t need 56,550 square feet of space since she lives there alone.

Just in case you’re thinking about buying, you should know some of the amenities of the house. It features a tennis court, bowling alley, rooftop rose garden, wine cellar, gift-wrapping room (yep), screening room, library, gym and an attic with a fully functional barber shop and beauty salon. It’s so big that nobody actually knows how many bathrooms it has, with reports ranging from sixteen to twenty six.

Of course, there are certain other perks to be gained from owning such a nice house. You’re bound to get invited to parties at the Playboy Mansion just down the street, and the swank Los Angeles Country Club is within easy walking distance. So if you have the cash, why not buy? Of course, if you’re of slightly more modest means, but still want a taste of the high life, why not play the online slot Mister Money now?