The Best and Worst Themes for Slot Machines Ever

Every day online casino software developers look for new and bright ideas to create new themes for slot machines. The market is pretty competitive and it is important that when a new online slot is launched it must be unique and offer something different than what players have seen before.

Luckily, this means that these developers work really hard and manage to come up with fantastic ideas for online slot machines. However, some other times they are not as creative and the slot machines fail to captivate the audience.

Amongst the best themes for slots are probably the Marvel Comics themed slots. They all feature character from all the popular comic books we all loved as children, such as The Hulk, Spiderman, Dare Devil, X-Men, Batman, etc. They come with great superhero graphics and terrific animations that any player can enjoy; these slot machines have become a classic of online gaming.

Two of my personal favorites are the “Aztec’s Treasure” and the Three Stooges themed slot machines. I just love both ideas and the way in which their creators developed the themes make them two of the neatest online slots I have ever played. Both come with crisp and bright graphics, the sounds are groovy and realistic, the animations run neatly and they are both funny and entertaining; pretty much everything you look for in an online slot machine.

In my opinion, some of the worst themes that have been given to online slots are the ones created based on celebrities. They are not dislikeable only because they worship celebrities even more than all of us already do, but because the graphics lack quality and these online slots often come without animations and are quite dull to look at.

Aztecs Treasure gold coins

Time to dig for the Aztec's Treasure

However, the award-winner for the worst online slot machine has to be the “Russian Rock” slot machine. Who knows about Russian rock anyway? I do not even think Russians are too aware of the topic. The slot is poorly developed and appeals to a very selected audience who happen to know a couple Russian rock bands.

There are online slot machine themes for everyone and I am sure you can find one that you will enjoy. These are only a few selections of mine, but there is a whole world of online slots out there that you need to explore.