Three Things You Need to Know About Playing $25 Slot Machines

Have you ever noticed in slots that the $25 machines tend to pay out a lot? Maybe you thought this was all in your mind, but then again maybe you thought that you were onto something? What is going on with those often-overlooked machines that tend to sit in the corners collecting dust? Why is it that whenever anyone sits down at one, the wins seem to start flowing immediately? Is it because they haven’t been played in a while, or is it something else?

The fact is, people playing the $25 slot machines report that they behave somewhat differently than the other machines. Many people make the claim that they are the most lucrative slot option to play. However, is there any truth to this claim? Surprisingly, there is—a little bit.

Read on to determine if $25 slots are the way to go, and if not just how to use that $25-a-spin money to milk the excess wealth the casino has stored in its high limit repositories.

1. Playing $25 Slot Machines Equals More Wins

$25 slot machines generally tend to pay out more often than any other type of machine. That’s right. There is no trickery here. I’m letting you in on a little secret here that not many people know about.

Sweet, right? Let’s all go out and start playing $25 slot machines!! Who’s with me?

More wins are certainly desirable at first glance. However, let’s wait on jumping into this newfound strategy for now and look at the other two points. When you’re thinking of stepping up into the higher betting echelons, you want to ensure that you have covered all the bases. If you rush into big money play you could walk away with even more than you started with, but chances are if you are in a rush, or are thinking “with blinders on,’ then you’re  going to be walking away from the table with broken dreams and a host of questions about where and when things went wrong.

2. Casinos Like to See High Rollers Win

Casinos work diligently to balance different types of profits with different types of losses, so some games will have higher win frequencies.

We generally want to see people winning when it benefits both parties, but most especially in the case of high stakes players. The reason for this is fairly intuitive: casinos want to see high rollers winning because everyone loves when high rollers are winning. It creates a sense of excitement and the potential for more people to start gambling larger sums of money—when that happens, the House wins. So with that said, in theory there is nothing wrong with at least giving the impression that the high stakes players are winning.

The key phrase there being, “the impression.”

So far, we’ve made it through rules #1 and #2. As it stands now, $25 slot machines seem to be the best option when it comes to high stakes slots. Will things hold up as we move into the third point?

3. $25 Slots Do not Have a High Long-term Payback Rate

And there it is.

Reading through the first couple of points you might have been thinking, “so far so good.” But, unfortunately, this is the point where the trouble comes. There is a downside to playing $25 slot machines, and it’s rather definitive: although slot machines with high stakes bets tend to win a lot, in the long run they do not lead to actual gains on the part of the player. In other words, they win a lot, and they lose a lot.

In fact, sometimes the rate of reward when plotted out over time is so detrimental to profits that you would be better off simply paying random people on the street $25, asking for a return of thousands. According to John Robison at, some of the high limit slots machines have payback percentages in the low 90s. (In other words, a percent in the low nineties that the house will end up winning over the player.) Sperm has a better chance against birth control.

Advice for Playing $25 Slot Machines

If it comes to the point that you are ready to start throwing down some serious money to the tune of $25 per spin, then you would be much better off sitting down at a table game where your odds at winning are not only much better, but much more precisely determined for each hand. For example, if you get dealt a certain hand in blackjack you can surmise somewhat accurately what kinds of odds you are looking at in most situations. Maybe not what you would want in the ideal, but certainly better than any slots game. Slot machines, for all their lights, are opaque walls of mystery that are much harder to turn a profit with because you never quite know what is really going on.

The choice is yours. For some people, playing slots is the only way to go, and they are a one-armed bandit for life precisely because slots are so unpredictable. Not everyone wants to concern themselves with number and statistics. Some players out there are after the highest risk/reward ratio that they can find. There is no right game to play, so don’t let this blog deter you from playing $25 slot machines because as we discussed, they do win very often.