What is Real Time Gaming Anyway?

If you have taken a stroll around the online casino marketplace, you will have heard the different vendors shouting out different terms. One of those terms was likely “Real Time Gaming.” It’s one of those terms that is often-repeated, but rarely explained. We’re going to look at an explanation right now.

About Casino Software Platforms

The above is accurate in the sense that there are about five-to-six different types of software systems that typically comprise most of the online gaming industry. The individual casinos will give their own personal touch to the look and feel of the games, but the actual software underneath is all designed and coded by a company that specializes in that type of thing, and then that technology is licensed to the casino in question.

The reason why things operate this way is because it takes quite a bit of specialization to come up with a complete casino software suite, and much the same way that a brick and mortar casino would not manufacture their own equipment, the online casino does not code their own digital equipment; they just put their personal touch on the framework that has been laid down.

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Why Real Time Gaming?

In order to explain why Silver Oak choose the RTG system, let’s first take a look at the number of factors that must come together in order to create exceptional digital casino software:

  1. The code integrity – Does the code even run? Are there obvious and amateurish bugs, or does it “just work?”
  2. Ease of customization – Is it relatively easy for the casino to change settings like the payout, variance, and of course those ever-so-special casino bonus codes.
  3. Game Selection – The range of games. Do they specialize in one area, or do they offer a wide spectrum of choice?
  4. The look – Is the software too much form over function? Sure, it works, but does it look like shit?

The short answer to the above question is that Real Time Gaming best fulfills these requirements. Over the years RTG software has earned the trust of millions of Americans because the above, and many other things like the shared progressive bonus and the Real Series Slots games, which are arguably the most popular types of slots games available anywhere on English-speaking casino sites.

Does RTG Differ from the other Options in Any Major Way?

Good question. The answer is yes, and it comes down to money. The difference between RTG and other big names is as follows:

  • RTG casinos (like Silver Oak) will generally accept both credit cards and  “e-wallets” such at Neteller and Click2Play.
  • Other software platforms may only accept credit cards.

In short, by choosing Real Time Gaming (RTG), you provide yourself with more options regarding your deposit and withdraw opportunities.

That concludes our look at Real Time Gaming. We hope this blog post has been worthwhile. Say, has all this talk about playing Real Time Gaming put you in the mood to test out thest claims with some slots play? Yes, you say? Well then. Don’t let me keep you. Hop directly into some free play, or if you want skip that, grab a generous no-deposit bonus code, make a deposit, and then start winning big.