Top 3 Featured Online Slots Games


Aztec’s Tresure, T-Rex, and Cleopatra’s Gold

For those who love playing slots, trying to decide which of the thousands of variations to play can be quite difficult. We’ll take a look at three of Silver Oak’s most popular slots games and let you know how they’re different and how you can win big.

Aztec’s Treasure

This game allows players to ride a wave of luck on the slots machines and find an Aztec Treasure that’s been buried for thousands of years. What’s not to love?

This game allows players to win big with 20 lines of action and a maximum bet of $50 per line. In addition to playing the lines, players will be on the hunt for “golden idols”, which can lead to bonus winnings and free spins. Here is a breakdown of idols and free games:

Find 3 Idols 5 Free Games
Find 4 Idols 10 Free Games
Find 5 Idols 25 Free Games

In addition to the idols, players will be on the lookout for the Aztec King. His highness is wild and can substitute for any symbol except the idol. Not a bad deal when the King whose treasure you’re trying to plunder, is on board to help you out.



Ever wonder what it would be like to take on a T-Rex? This slots game provides lots of ways to win, with 25 lines action, a toothsome bonus round and a random, progressive jackpot. Players can bet a maximum of $5 per line.

Much like Aztec’s Treasure, there are scatter and wild symbols to help players hit bonuses and win big money. Players will be on the hunt for T-Rex’s eggs, as locating three or more will allow players to enter the bonus round. The bonus round is guaranteed money for the player, as each egg will hatch to unveil a free game award, which can hit up to 10 free games per egg.

Players will also need to be on the look out for T-Rex, who acts as a wild symbol. T-Rex substitutes for all symbols (not including eggs) and doubles your prize when he appears in a winning combination. In addition, T-Rex also has an appetite. During reel 3 (free bonus games), he’ll eat other dinosaurs and pluck himself down in their space – all before payouts are rewarded.

Note: This game features a jackpot. It’s progressive, and random, so it could be awarded at the conclusion of any spin.

Cleopatra’s Gold

In addition to her beauty, Cleopatra was one of the richest pharaoh’s in Ancient Egypt’s history. And now, you have a chance to get in on her loot.

This slots game compares favorably to Aztec’s Treasure, as it allows for 20 lines of a max bet of $50 per line.

The scatter symbols for Cleopatra’s Gold are a little more favorable than the other 2, as you only need to find two pyramids in order to win money, and more than 2 to qualify for bonus rounds. Bonus rounds can award 15 free games, and 15 additional games are won if 3 or more scattered pyramids occur in a free game.

Lastly, the wild symbols take the form of Cleopatra herself, who doubles any prize when she’s involved in a winning combination. Beauty, wealth, and generosity – what more can you ask for in a woman?

Note: Cleopatra’s Gold has a Random Progressive Jackpot. It doesn’t matter what symbols you hit in what combination…it’s triggered randomly. And it’s Progressive, so you’ll discover more gold the longer the jackpot goes before being won.