Video Poker Cheat Sheet: Joker Poker

What’s the difference between playing Joker Poker with perfect strategy and playing Joker Poker with your “gut”?  $93 plus a 4 course steak dinner.

Allow me to explain…

The Video Poker Bet

I have a friend who is a professional poker player.  Let’s call him “Jimmy”.  I’m not exactly sure what qualifies someone as a “professional” poker player, but let’ just say he’s good enough to travel the world playing in poker tournaments for a living.

Last week I was telling Jimmy about the Video Poker strategy cards that I had been making.  I told him how I had figured out a video poker strategy for Joker Poker that allowed me to virtually eliminate the casino’s advantage altogether.

Since Jimmy had finished his poker playing for the day, winning several thousand dollars, and had begun celebrating with several glasses of wine, Jimmy felt a little cocky.  He clearly felt my video poker strategy could never stack up to his poker skills, even if video poker is a completely different game from poker altogether.

He was so confident, in fact, that he bet me a steak dinner that he could win more money in an hour playing Joker Poker than I could using my strategy.

The competition was on.

We each logged in to our accounts at Silver Oak Casino and started playing 25 cent Joker Poker.  I printed out a copy of my Joker Poker strategy card and Jimmy started playing with his gut.

The Results

After an hour of play, I was up $32 and poor old Jimmy was down $59.  Big win for video poker players!  While not exactly a scientific test, it’s a good indication that using this Joker Poker cheat sheet will improve your chances of winning at the online video poker machines.

Here is the exact same video poker card I used to beat Jimmy by $93 and win a steak dinner:

Download my Joker Poker Strategy Card in PDF

Once you have the Joker Poker cheat sheet in hand, download a free video poker game here and give it a shot:

Play Now

Have you tried this Joker Poker strategy card for yourself? How did it work for you?  Win any steak dinners?  Let me know in the comment section below!

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