Coat of Arms

Join the Round Table Knights on their quest to conquer the amazing treasures this fast paced slots game has to offer. Coat of Arms will transport you back to the land where knights and dragons lead you amazing treasures.

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Coat of Arms Guide

Get ready to become the knight in shining armor with this exciting online slot game. In this brand new themed experience you can expect everything from this great period where great legends such as Camelot and King Arthur were born.

Hit the Spin button and immerse yourself in a game full of adventures. Coat of Arms comes with incredible bonus features, incredible bonuses and the opportunity to discover secret treasures and collect amazing rewards.

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Symbols | Bonus Features | Minor and Major Jackpots | Additional Game Rules | The story behind the game | Glossary

How to play Coat of Arms

In order to start the game, select the amount you want to wager on each turn. You can do this easily by clicking on the up or down arrows to increase or decrease the amount.

Once you have set your bet size, choose the number of paylines you would like to play. You can choose from 1 to 25 paylines. All that is left now is for you to click on the “Spin” button and let the action begin.

Coat of Arms features a scatter symbol and a Wild symbol, the Wild symbol can substitute any other symbol on the reels, except for the scatter ones.

Game Controls


When you hit this button the reels will start to spin, you only need to press it once per turn.


This option allows players to configure up to 1000 spins to be automatically played by the game. All you have to do is configure the amount to wager and the paylines to be played.

Auto Stop Feature

Once the game starts, the Spin button will turn in to the Stop button. This will allow you to end the turn and go straight to the results to speed up the game.


In the Help screen you will find all the game information about payouts, symbols as well as the general rules for Coat of Arms.

Symbols & Characters

Scatter symbol

The Scatter symbol can appear anywhere on the reels. The winnings scored when activating the Scatter symbols are added to the total winnings.

Wild symbol

The Wild symbol substitutes any other symbol displayed on the reels, except Scatter symbols. Wild symbols will trigger additional bonus features.

Bonus Features

You can trigger a number of bonus features and free games within Coat of Arms. When playing with the Scatter symbols bonuses, whatever you win during the bonus stage will be added to your total winnings.

Minor and Major Jackpots

Coat of Arms offers two jackpots which reset themselves to $250 for the minor jackpot and $1000 for the major jackpot. Either of these jackpots can be triggered at any moment during regular gameplay and they are completely random.

Additional Game Rules

  • All symbols pay left to right, except scattered Idol symbols, which pays in any direction.
  • Scatter wins are added to line wins.
  • The game features two different jackpots: minor and major.
  • The jackpots are triggered separately and by random play.

The story behind the game

Stories about this magical period in time have been told for ages. The time when Knights ruled the earth and kingdoms were forged with fire and stone. Legends like King Arthur and his round table, the adventures of Sir Galahad or the majestic city of Camelot are known all over the world. And their tradition still lives today. Coat of Arms wants to take you back to this magical time when men put their courage to the test and only the best survived. Now is your time to prove yourself and collect all the treasures that are waiting for you in this exciting online slot machine.


Scatter Symbol: This symbol appears anywhere on the reels, includes a bet multiplier.

Autoplay: This is a configurable option that enables players to set up to 1000 spins performed automatically by the computer.

Feature: Added bonus round that is triggered after a specific symbol combination shows up on the reels.


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Download Now!! & Play Coat of Arms

Deposit $30 and get a 200% Match Bonus with coupon code: SLOTSGAMES

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