Follow these 3 professional slot strategies to bigger wins

Ready. Sit. Spin! Actually, not so fast. Sure, slot machines are easy to play. But are they easy to win? They didn’t get the nickname “one-armed bandits” for no reason. Yet, somehow, they’re the most popular casino games on the world. More players prefer slots over table games. And you know why? Because more and more players are becoming professional slot machine champions.

You don’t need fancy slot training, nor do you have to enter a slot tournament to feel like a pro. All you need to do is follow a set of pro slot machine strategies. These are the most important ones, so pay attention.

Slot Strategy #1: Put Stay away from Class II slot machines

This one applies specifically to the land-based world. Pro slot machine players know that the real money is in Class III slot machines, not Class II slot machines. If you have no idea that are different classes of machines, then this is one slot strategy you need to pay attention to.

On most casino floors, you’ll find Class II and Class III slot machines. Let’s talk about Class III machines first. These are true slot machines with reels and paylines, much like the games you see online here at Silver Oak Casino. In fact, all Silver Oak Casino slot machines would be categorized as Class III. All of these machines have a Random Number Generator inside, which randomly determines the result of every spin.

In Class III machines, the result is never predetermined. You could potentially hit two or three jackpots in a row. In fact, you could potentially hit the jackpot over and over and over again because randomness means that anything can happen. These are the machines that true pros flock to.

And then there’s Class II. These aren’t completely random. With these machines, the results have been predetermined, so each spin isn’t random. In fact, it’s programmed into the machine, so the machine technically knows who is going to win before it happens.

You’re probably wondering why Class II machines even exist, and who would actually play them. Well, some states outlaw gambling games, but allow Class II style games. The game might look like a slot machine, but it could be themed around something different, like Bingo for example. Because of the laws on the books, these games cannot be random, so they are programmed differently.

True professional slot players will play exclusively at Class III machines. Hitting Class II simply means that you’re wasting your money.

Slot Strategy #2: Grab hold of higher payback percentages

Online slots allow you to alter your bet from a penny to $5 per line (and sometimes higher). But in the land-based world, machines are divided up differently. There are penny slots, nickel slots, quarter slots, and dollar slots. In some casinos, you’ll find even higher denominations.

Conventional wisdom says that you’re better off playing max credits on a 25-cent slot machine than you would be playing one credit on a $1 slot machine. That’s especially true if you are required to play the maximum number of credits in order to hit the jackpot. But conventional wisdom doesn’t always work when it comes to casino games.

If you’re not required to play the maximum number of credits to be eligible for the jackpot, you’re actually better off playing one credit on the dollar slot. That’s because the larger slots on the casino floor tend to have a higher payout percentage than the lower denomination slot. For example, you might find a quarter slot comes with a 95% payout percentage and the dollar slots is at 96%. While that 1% difference isn’t massive numerically speaking, when you’re dealing with casino odds, it can make or break you.

Slot Strategy #3: Put Employ a betting strategy

There’s no surefire way to make big money playing the slots. After all, everything is completely random (especially if you’re following our advice that says you should only play Class III slot machines (see above). But that doesn’t mean you can’t take control of some of your good fortune.

By employing a betting strategy, you can help maximize wins and minimize losses. One of the top betting strategies that pros use is to raise your bet after a win and lower it after a loss. Start by betting one penny per line, so $0.50 per spin on a 50-line slot. Assuming you win, keep your bet locked to 50 cents. If you keep winning, there’s nothing you need to do. If you hit a loss, just double your bet. That means you’ll bet $1. Lose again, double it again. Keep doubling it after a loss. When you win, you can keep it the same, half it, or go back to your initial bet.

If you think that doubling your bet over and over again will put a huge dent in your bankroll, we don’t blame you. It seems a bit daunting. But the truth is that by doubling after a loss, you’ll actually end up ahead when you do win.

Let’s say you start with a $1 bet. If you lose that, you’re down $1. Bet $2 next. You’re now down $3 if you lose. Now bet $4. If you lose that, you’re down $7. Now you have to bet $8. You’ve committed $15 in bets. If you win that, you’ll win $16. Now you’re up $1.

Put your slot strategies to the test
Think you’re a pro? Or do you want to become one? You can put these strategies to the test right now at Silver Oak Casino. Sure, some of these strategies apply to the live casino world exclusively, but Silver Oak Casino can at least get you ready for next trip to a land-based property.

Getting started at Silver Oak Casino is easy. Start by creating your free account. As soon as you’re up and running, you’ll have access to well over 100 different online slots, including many titles that you’ll find in the real world (or at least titles that feel familiar). You can also play slots for free, so there’s no need to risk real money—perfect if you want to see if Strategy #3 actually works.