Online Slots Strategy : Maximize Slot Machine Odds

There are a lot of online slot machine strategies based on bankroll management, changing bet amounts,  or even just plain weird superstitions.  Those strategies are great for having fun, but none of them actually improve the odds of winning at online slot machines.  If you want to improve the mathematical probability of winning big at the slots, simply follow these tips and start counting your winnings!

1)  Bet Maximum Lines

Modern online slots can have up to 50 lines at popular casinos.  Even if you bet a small amount on each line, utilizing every line ensures that you will never miss an opportunity to win.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been playing a slot and I missed a huge payout because the winning symbols showed up on a line I decided not to play.  Especially if the slot machine you are playing has bonus rounds, make sure to bet as many lines as possible. Playing a bonus round is a surefire way to skyrocket your bankroll, even when wagering small amounts on each line.

2)  Bet Maximum Coins

For classic slot machines, like Sevens and Stripes or Lucky Lightnin‘, there is only one pay line, but there is the option of betting multiple coins or credits on the one line.  Often times, betting maximum coins will result in a disproportionately high payout when the player hits a big spin.  More importantly, sometimes the only way to win the progressive jackpot is by betting the maximum number of coins.

For example, right now the Silver Oak Casino jackpot for Bonkers is over $1,600 and can only be won by betting the maximum 3 coins.  If you were betting only 1 coin per spin and hit the Bonkers jackpot, you would only win $200.  Because there is such a large difference in payout amounts depending on how many coins are played, betting the maximum reduces the casino’s edge significantly.

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3)  Play Higher Stakes

While the average slots player cannot afford to play the $25 slot machines, the odds on these machines are generally significantly higher than the cheaper machines.  If the high roller room is out of your prices range, try playing the dollar slots instead of the nickle or quarter slots.  These machines also have a higher payout percentage on average than their lower priced cousins.  A good rule of thumb is the higher the stakes you play, the better chance of winning.

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