Everything you need to know about the Paroli betting system

Hate losing streaks? Prefer back to back wins? Then you’re going to love the Paroli betting system. Designed to make sure you don’t bet too crazy, the whole idea behind Paroli is that wins come in streaks and so do losses. That means you can maximize your profits by increasing […]

Woman told $8.5 million jackpot win was result of malfunction at Washi...

sure you’re not dreaming. If the pinch hurts, you’re awake. But for one woman who actually won $8.5 million on a jackpot, pinching herself was just the start of the pain she was about to experience. It happened in Washington when a woman from Oregon named Veronica Castillo hit an […]

Strange slot machine secrets you never knew

Slot machines are magical. Mysterious, even. Popping the big jackpot always seems allusive, but when it happens, it’s something else. So what are the secrets to coming out ahead when you play slots? We’ve got the answers right here. Know when to pop a progressive jackpot Progressive jackpots are incredibly […]

A brief history of gambling in Singapore

When you think of the world’s top gambling destination, you think of Las Vegas, right? After all, it has set the benchmark for what a resort casino town should be. But across the Pacific, Macau seems to take the spotlight. It deserves it, with impressive casino properties attracting Asia’s biggest […]

New York Rolls the Dice on a New Casino in the Catskills

The road to legalized gambling in the Catskill Mountains of New York hasn’t been a short one. One author referred to the process as a 50-year long bureaucratic roller coaster ride. However, the twisting and turning track has finally arrived at its ultimate destination. Last year, New York Governor Andrew […]

The New Casinos Crushing Atlantic City

In recent years, the Atlantic City casino market has fallen upon rough times. In 2014 alone, four of the Boardwalk City’s casinos closed their doors, leaving just eight to divvy up what was once one of the country’s most sustainable and inviting gambling markets. However, things aren’t really so simple […]

Casino Observes Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Donation to Constru...

If you’ve turned on the TV or driven around town over the past few weeks, you’ve likely noticed a lot of extra pink sprinkled into your surroundings. If you weren’t already aware, this is because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The pinkest month of the year was founded in […]

The World’s Biggest Casinos

In the mood for a big bet? You’ll want a big casino. Before you start booking airplane tickets and hotel rooms, you might want to check out which casinos offer the biggest bang for your buck. There’s no doubt that the Las Vegas Strip features some of the most noteworthy […]

Skill-Based Games Highlighted at Global Gaming Expo

Attracting a younger customer base is a key concern for gaming industry leaders, and that fact was on display at the recent Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. To put it simply, slot machines are failing to grab the interest of the younger crowd, and industry experts are mulling over […]

Reel Tips: The surefire ways to win at slots

Thinking about playing the slots but not sure if it’s worth hitting? Don’t take our word for it. Take the word of the countless people who have popped massive jackpots playing online and live. While they come from all corners of the globe, they have one thing in common. They […]

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