Variance and Volatility in Slots

Whoaaaaa. Hold on tight. This is going to be a bumpy ride! Actually not really. It will be smooth is Yak butter. But what we’re talking today is “the ride.” You know—there are those games where it’s slow and steady, and then the games where it’s one intense roller coaster […]

Should I Always Go for a Royal Flush in Video Poker?

We get a lot of questions about the right play when it comes to video poker here at Silver Oak. You may not have even played video poker, but it actually has quite a loyal following, and it is for mostly the following reason: all of the odds are static. If […]

Three Things You Need to Know About Playing $25 Slot Machines

Have you ever noticed in slots that the $25 machines tend to pay out a lot? Maybe you thought this was all in your mind, but then again maybe you thought that you were onto something? What is going on with those often-overlooked machines that tend to sit in the […]

What is the Most Interesting Casino Game?

We get lots of questions at Silver Oak. Everything ranging from, “Where can I download your amazing software?” to “Silver Oak? Why not the Gold  Oak Casino?” to “Simon will you take off your shirt?” But the question we get the most is this: “What is the most interesting casino game?” It’s […]

“Can I Bet on Two out of the Three Roulette Columns?”

The question as to whether or not you can bet on two out of three of the roulette columns is one that comes up a lot here at Silver Oak Casino. If you are unsure what the above is referring to, consider that a roulette board is broken into three […]

What Casino Game has the Best Odds of the Player Winning?

This is a fairly simple question, but it’s representative of one of the most central pillars in all of gaming: statistics. The difference between a couple percent may not seem like a lot at first glance, but when you consider that millions of dollars can hang on the swing of […]

Et tu, Baltimore?

Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Macau, Monaco…if you were not going to say Baltimore next, you are not alone. However, gather around people from wherever you roam, because the times they are a changing. Caesar’s Palace (Las Vegas) has taken an interest to the mean streets of Baltimore for their next […]

Casino Chips: the Highly Guarded Industry Secret You Want to Know

Professional grade casino chips used in table games are a cut above what is available to the average person. Pick up a casino chip from any casino, but especially one of the big name casinos on the Strip, and you will notice that special ‘Je ne sais quoi’ that leaves you […]

Why Punto Banco (Baccarat) is the Best Game for Gambling Beginners

So you have decided that you are going to take a seat beneath the bright lights for some fun and excitement and the chance to win BIG. That’s great. However, if you are among those people who don’t have much experience with gambling, walking into an (online) casino can be […]

The Single Most Expensive Slot Machine of all Time

This week we’ve featured a couple different blogs on slot machines. Free Slots – No Download Functionality is so much Better than You Even Realize Free Online Slots – With Bonus Rounds It’s So Much More Fun We are going to finish off the week with a look at a […]

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