PokerStars’ entry into the United States is great news for New Jerse...

Did you know it’s perfectly legal to play online poker in the United States? Most states don’t have any laws on the book that prohibit playing online for real money. It’s only illegal for a poker site to operate from the United States. But many poker players are confused about […]

How to use probability to win at slots

You might get excited when you see a casino boast that their slots pay out an average of 95%. That number seems high, but it’s misleading. It sounds like you’re going to win 95% of the time. But that’s not the truth. The truth is that you will lose 5% […]

Movement to Legalize Casino Gambling in Nebraska Gaining Steam

Since the grand opening of Massachusetts’s first legal casino earlier this year, gambling industry enthusiasts have been debating over which state would be the next to follow its lead. The number of states throughout the U.S. that have yet to legalize casino gambling in some form is dwindling, and news […]

How one man scammed casinos out of $12 million and never got caught

You’ve heard of poker pros raking in millions and doing so consistently. But have you ever heard of Roulette players doing the same? There are consistent Roulette champions, but none who could be consider prose. Or at least none that you’ve likely heard of. But that’s about to change. Richard […]

New Jersey says it’s OK for casinos to weigh their employees

Well this sort of tips the scales of justice. The New Jersey Appeals Court hast just ruled that casinos in the state can discriminate based on a person’s weight. Yup, you’re reading this right. If a casino thinks you’re overweight, they can let you go from your job. I’m not […]

Ashley Revell and a Single Roulette Spin

On the one hand, there’s gambling responsibly. By this, we mean using your disposable income to play a few games and have a great time, but not putting so much money down that your entire livelihood relies on the results. On the other hand, there’s Ashley Revell. So, what was […]

Land-based casino company implicated in money laundering scandal

They say that online casinos are dangerous. They argue that there are no checks and balances to ensure that money isn’t being funneled through an online poker or casino site for laundering purposes. Opponents of iGaming claim that there is no oversight. Yet it seems it’s the land-based world that […]

How to Get from $0 to $40,000 Playing Poker

A few years ago, stories about people who traded up from seemingly worthless items to big time possessions were all the rage. Stories of adventurous folks who started with something as simple as a paper clip and ended up with a free house after a few well-executed barters were enough […]

Albuquerque Mayor Denies Proposal for Downtown Casino

Bowling and casinos are both great ways to get out and enjoy the company of friends and family, but one provides significantly more revenue and jobs to an area than the other. This simple fact has residents of Albuquerque, New Mexico, questioning the recent decision of its major’s office to […]

Resorts Casino Hotel Continues Comeback despite Atlantic City Struggle...

The dramatic fall of the Atlantic City gambling scene has been a centerpiece of casino industry headlines for months, but Wednesday brought about a silver lining for the struggling city. As recently as five years ago, the Boardwalk City’s Resorts Casino Hotel was struggling to survive. In large part, this […]

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