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Simon is an overactive gambler and the Staff Writer here at Silver Oak. He loves casino bonuses, online slots, and using the em dash too often. Currently, he rests his typing hands in Vancouver, Canada.

The Best Slots Games of 2018

Top Tips for Picking a Top Slot Game in 2018 Slot machine games are the most popular attractions at online casinos. No complicated skills, tactics or strategy are required – you simply pick a slot, make a deposit, and spin the reels. Of course, for serious slots aficionados things get […]

Casino Odds at Traditional Vegas Casinos

A little-known Mexican merchant by the name of Antonio Armijo led a trade caravan of several dozen men through Nevada in the 1800s. His traveling party of traders named the area Las Vegas. The modern-day city that we have come to know began during the Truman administration in the 1930s. […]

Will we ever see a full fledged casino on the Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch was one of the most anticipated devices out of Cupertino since the iPhone, yet it has failed to impress even some of the most diehard Apple fans. The watch serves its purpose—it tells time, you can receive phone calls on it, it gives you alerts, and you […]

What’s the deal with house edge, probability, and odds?

Can’t decide between Blackjack, Roulette, or the slots? Think that playing multiple hands will improve your luck? Chances are you don’t understand odds, house edge, and probability in general. And that’s totally OK. There’s no shame in not getting the hang of it. Even some of the most seasoned casino […]

Choosing a Game by the Size of your Bankroll

Choosing a go-to casino game is no easy task, but most players end up settling into a casino routine that’s rarely broken. While the most logical option would be to find the game offering the best odds and play it exclusively, the truth of the matter is that playing at […]

The weirdest culinary experiences in Las Vegas you need to experience ...

I once sat down for a lunch at a company event with a woman who never had humus. Scratch that. Not only had she never consumed the middle eastern staple of mashed up chick peas, spice, and whatever else is in there, but she had never heard of it. I’m […]

Dressing the part: The casino dress codes you need to know about

My, how the casino world has changed. Take a look at the original Ocean’s 11 movie and you’ll see a cast of casino patrons wearing suits and otherwise fancy attire. Back then, a night at the casino was a night to remember. You didn’t just jump in the car and […]

The Biggest Casino Wins in Modern History

Regular casino players know that there’s a big difference between winning and winning big. Walking away with more cash than you came with is always cause for celebration, but some visits to the casino offer a whole lot more. Everyone who has ever taken a seat at a table game […]

Put these casinos on your bucket list

Think all casinos are created equal? Think again. Sure, they all have table games, slots, video poker machines, bars, and restaurants (or at least the good ones do). But some casinos rise above the competition with impressive tourist attractions beyond anything you’ve experienced. Today, we’re taking you on a world […]

The Definitive Guide to Tying the Knot in Sin City

What’s Las Vegas famous for? If you answered casino gaming, we can definitely see where you’re coming from. After all, the Strip is home to some of the world’s biggest and most successful casinos, and the opportunity to play at all hours in a multitude of destinations is most certainly […]

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