Online Slots Strategy: Maximize Slots Play Time

Sometimes after a hard day at work, the best way to kick back and relax is to play a few hours of online slots.  It’s easy, I don’t have to think, and unlike watching the most recent episode of American Idol, I might actually win enough money to make Simon Cowell jealous.

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For slots sessions aimed at relaxation, the goal is always to have fun playing the slots for as long as possible without breaking the bank.  To have a successful extended session at the online slots, use the following tips to make sure your bankroll lasts as long as possible:

  • Play Penny Slots– That’s right, head straight to the pennies.  There are a lot of online slot machines that allow you to bet as little as one cent per line.  A couple of penny slot favorites include Jazz Time and Food Fight, which both offer a 1 cent minimum bet.
  • Only Play One Line– Penny slots aren’t for everyone.  If you would rather play a real series video slot or a three reel classic slot, the lowest denomination is often 5 cents.  If you can limit yourself to only playing one line at a time, playing a nickle per spin will still keep your bankroll healthy for hours of play.
  • Make Sure Your Slots Options Are Set For Maximum Time– When you sit down to start playing, go into the options settings for the slot and make sure that both Turbo Play and Auto Play are OFF.  Having either of these on will significantly increase the pace of each spin, defeating the purpose of your laid back session at the online slots.
  • Take Regular Breaks– If you sit in front of the same slot machine for hours straight with no rest, it can become tedious and tiring.  Make sure to take a break every 15 minutes to half an hour and grab a snack, call your mother, or just take a quick stretch.  This helps keep your mind focused on the game and keeps the online slots fresh.

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Final Slots Thoughts

Not every session at the slots has to be about winning as much as possible.  Most online slots strategies focus solely on ways to maximize slots odds or how to manage a slots bankroll.  Sometimes its better to have a different slot machine mindset: fun and relaxation.

Why do you play the slots?  Is it all about the money or do you play to just enjoy yourself and have a good time?  Let me know in the comment section below!