Riviera Hotel & Casino Goes the Way of the Dinosaurs

If you’re a fan of Las Vegas history, the start of the week was likely another in a long line of sad days full of nostalgia. The Riviera Hotel & Casino, which stood as one of the last remaining hold overs from the infamous Rat Pack era of Sin City, […]

The Casino Games with the Best Odds

The best way to maximize your odds of beating the house on your next trip to the casino is to play the right games. While nearly every bet on the casino floor features some sort of house advantage, they aren’t all created equally. Depending on the games you play and […]

How to live like a high roller at the top casinos

Ever play at a small-scale casino outside Vegas? Than chances are you’re used to $5 Blackjack. And if you play online, you’re used to being able to place $1 bets at the Roulette tables. Or play Baccarat for free. There are loads of places to play with tiny bankrolls (or […]

Iowa grandmother’s $41 million jackpot turns out to be worth $1....

They say that a penny saved is a penny earned. And that couldn’t have been truer for Pauline McKee, an Iowa grandmother who turned a penny into a $41 million jackpot at an Iowa casino in 2011. It happened at Isle Hotel Casino in Waterloo at the penny slots. McKee […]

How to Play Slots for Longer with a Small Bankroll

Your bet on a game of slots depends on much more than the spinning 25¢ sign placed atop the machine. For example, the number of lines you choose to bet will have a significant impact on the length of time you’ll be able to play if your luck doesn’t pan […]

Professional gambler becomes Jeopardy champion

There’s a huge misconception that gamblers tend to lack intelligence. We all know that this theory is the complete opposite of the truth. After all, some of the world’s best card counters are super geniuses. Just look at those MIT students who busted Vegas for millions of dollars (the guys […]

Choosing the right casino game for you

First time in Las Vegas? First time in an online casino? Or maybe you’re a casino pro, but you tend to stick to the same game and you’re now in the mood for something completely different. Whatever the case, we’re here to help. Today, we’re going to help you discover […]

Four Hundred Person Brawl Rocks Queens Casino

If you had to choose one thing that you’d like to see changed at your favorite casino, what would it be? An improved rewards program? Perhaps. More games or better payouts? It’s tough to argue against that. At the Resort World Casino in Queens, New York, however, the most important […]

Casino Safety In-Depth: News of fatalities in injuries plagued the ind...

I love live casino gambling as much as anyone else, but some stories this week have me questioning how important live gambling is and if it needs to be part of my Saturday night repertoire. My friends and I usually head to a local casino once a week for some […]

Why play at New Online Casinos?

The online gambling revolution keeps getting bigger, and, as a result, new casinos are popping up every day. One of the biggest questions for new players is whether they should choose an established casino, or go with one of the newer options. While the most famous, industry-leading casinos certainly have […]

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