Betting terminal max bets will stay at £100

Did you know you can walk into a betting shop in the UK and drop £100 on a single bet at a fixed-odds betting terminal? It’s true. Unlike in North America where betting is limited to casinos (and sometimes bars depending on the state), the UK has tons of betting […]

Betting the max in video poker: A smart strategy to play like a pro

The World Series of Poker Main Event is underway, with the November 9 almost set. And as we watch the series unfold, we are in awe of all the pros that continue to prove that they’re legends. Not just in the Main Event. All throughout the series, we’ve seen big […]

Shots fired as woman robbed at house after night at casino

A dangerous news story out of Washington today is sending shivers down our collective spines. As online casino players, we also love the live scene. And there’s nothing more exiting than a night out at a casino, especially if it proves to be profitable. But for one couple from Fairfax […]

The Ultimate Gambling Playlist

There’s nothing better after a long day at work than to come home and enjoy a nice, relaxing trip to your favorite online casino. Something about spinning the reels on the slots or watching cards being dealt is enough to help put your mind at ease. However, there’s more to […]

An Interesting Deuces Wild Strategy

If you’re a fan of favorable odds, you’re probably pretty familiar with a few of the most popular variations of video poker. When played with the correct strategy, these five-card draw poker games provide an opportunity to cash in on some of the best odds you’ll find in the casino. […]

MGM Looks to Build on the Success of the Casino Industry through Atlan...

The popularity of gambling options in the United States is simply too large to ignore. In recent weeks, Massachusetts has opened the doors to its very first casino, New Jersey lawmakers have debated the benefits of spreading the casino industry out of Atlantic City and, now, MGM Resorts International has […]

Billionaire blames gambling problem on the devil

When someone hits a big jackpot, they often thank God for showering them with riches. So it should come as no surprise that one man who lost £5 million is blaming the devil for his string of bad luck. Billionaire Safa Abdulla Al Geabury told a psychiatrist: “The devil made […]

Is it Effective to Play with a Strategy?

For some games, strategies are absolutely essential to maximizing your odds. Blackjack basic strategy is a widely accepted and highly effective way to supercharge your chances of a big win. Similarly, a sound playing strategy at the video poker machines can, in some cases, give gamblers an elusive edge over […]

The secret world of casino black books

Have you heard of casino whales? They’re the big players that the big Vegas gambling properties spend a fortune trying to bring onto the casino floor. Casinos like whales because they spend a lot, they tip a lot, and they gamble a lot. Everything about these players is known to […]

How Does a Gaming Law Work?

Gaming laws are among the most complicated and difficult regulations to understand. Unlike other sections of the legal code, gaming laws combine a collection of several areas of law – including criminal law, regulatory law, constitutional law, administrative law, company law, and, in some cases, competitive law. While illegal gambling […]

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