Free Online Slots – With Bonus Rounds It’s So Much More Fu...

Ah, the bonus round. It’s like the bulk bin candy section, or getting to run around a toy store to grab as many things off your wish list as you can. It’s a free-for-all of opportunity where the outside world is momentarily put on pause.  For the brief time that […]

Blackjack Split Rules: What is the Best Possible Hand?

Nearly every gambling game has some combination that is statistically very unlikely, but still possible. That perfect outplay of cards, whatever it might be. It’s the kind of thing that you keep in the back of your mind because for the most part it is fun to do. You think […]

What to Watch on Netflix

Since 1999 I’ve been saying I would happily pay for a service which lets me instantly stream the shows and movies I want to watch. While Netflix is exactly that it has created a new issue: trying to decide what to actually watch. I’ve done Google searches myself for “the […]

Why the King of Clubs is the Wealthiest Card in the Deck

If we want to talk about the King of Clubs, we must first look at the nature of his empire. Traditionally, ‘clubs’ have represented fraternities, associations and co-operation. They herald the art of negotiating, and the power of networking and syndicating. The King of Clubs is no exception. During his […]

The Best Online Slots Cheats that You’ve Never Considered

Let’s face it: the idea of beating the house is most of the fun in gambling, and there is no better way to beat than the house then by cheating it outright. Scamming the system is the biggest gamble that someone can take, but it holds the biggest payout. There have […]

Analysis: Who is the NBA’s Fastest Player in 2013?

When it comes to the fastest players in the NBA, a lot of people are quick to throw their favorite names into the mix. After the April 24th UKC vs. Houston game, Emmy Award-winning sports commentator Charles Barkley stated, “Russell Westbrook may be the fastest person to ever play in […]

Online Gambling Laws in 2013: US Looking for Uniformity

Across the US, different states are racing to pass laws legalizing online gambling, but all the individualized work by different states may end up pushed to the side as proposed national legislation comes into view. Currently, New Jersey is ahead of the game when it comes to gaming online. Governor […]

Why the King of Spades is Worst, Best King in the Deck

He’s a casino demagogue, the captain of the cards, the Kaiser of the cash, and the King of Kings —that’s right; we’re talking about the King of Spades, the guy you love to hate. The King of Spades, like the rest of the cards in traditional 52-card playing deck, has its […]

Why the King of Diamonds is the Most Powerful King in the Deck

If you have played cards for any length of time you will have encountered the “one-eyed” cards. There are two one-eyed jacks in a standard deck of cards, and (less known) there is a one-eyed King as well:  Diamonds. There is something unmistakably significant about these cards, and that’s why they […]

Why the King of Hearts is the Most Bad Ass Card in the Deck

The King of Hearts gets a lot of hype. It is for a good reason. Some call him a fraud, some call him crazy, and many even say that he is of the persuasion to take his own life. What is the true story behind this seemingly dysfunctional member of […]

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