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Famous Poker Hands in Movies

Many people who are new to the game of Poker may have been spoiled – or all but ruined – by watching too much Hollywood.  In the movies, the odds are always against the protagonist, but somehow he (or she) always seems to have an ace up their sleeve.  Films […]

Mahjong Basics

If you’ve done any gambling internationally, you might have come across Mahjong – but don’t get real Mahjong confused with the match-a-tile game you might find on your computer desktop.  The original form of the game originated in China and features four players (the four directions, respectively) and 136 tiles […]

The “Honest Fool” Poker Strategy

There’s no need to wax eloquent on the finer points of poker strategy.  Suffice to say, poker is one of the more organic card games out there.  By organic I mean that there are a number of different layers operating simultaneously in any given match. There is psychology: the duel […]

Featured slots games: Sevens & Stripes and Achilles

Silver Oak offers a wide variety of slots for its players. We’ll take a look at two of the website’s most popular games – Sevens & Stripes and Achilles – and give you the rundown on how to play both and how you can become an instant winner. Sevens & […]

The best video poker online – Seven Stud Poker and Aces and Eigh...

Poker has taken off in popularity over the last decade, and online casinos are seeing a huge increase in players and activity for all of their poker games. We’ll take a look at two of Silver Oak’s most popular poker games – Seven Stud video poker and Aces and Eights […]

The best online blackjack games: 5 Diamond Blackjack

5 Diamond Blackjack Blackjack has always been known as a game where house and player odds are extremely close. With 5 diamond blackjack, the player takes on the advantage and jumps into a situation where bonuses and big money are one “21” away. The player is given 5 hands to […]

Top 5 things To Look For In An Online Casino

The Internet is an amazing piece of technology – it connects us to the rest of the world, it allows us to express our thoughts and dreams, and is a veritable repository of information.  The problem is that with unlimited access comes a maddening amount of irrelevant data.  This is […]

Featured Slots Game: Boy Kings Treasure

There has always been an air of mystery and peril surrounding the 1922 discovery of a child-king’s mummified body and his treasure trove meant to accompany him into the afterlife.  Even if you’ve never seen Indiana Jones or taken an introductory anthropology course in university, every kid growing up dreamed […]

Featured Slots game: Bigshot

Show me a kid that never got stars in his or her eyes when they watched a film with their favourite star, and I’ll show you a kid with stunted ambition.  We live in a culture that emphasizes and bolsters the ideal of fame and fortune – one on hand […]

Featured Slots on Silveroak: Basketbull

Ever since I can remember watching basketball over dinner has been a family tradition, and one which we all look forward to.  Another family tradition, although one shared strictly between my father, brother, and myself, has been a healthy passion for gambling.  It’s only natural that I should have stumbled […]

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