Online Roulette Games

Many people who are new to the roulette game think that it is just one game and that there are no other versions of it. Of course this is common as why would anyone think anything different  of roulette other than placing a bet on a colour or number, dropping […]

Basic Strategy Tips for Video Blackjack Machines

Knowing how to play video blackjack is not the same as playing video blackjack. Video blackjack machines have a specific set of rules that require basic strategic measures to increase a players chances of winning. Every game requires a plan, a method of approach and a strategy. Even games that […]

Sexy Online Blackjack

They say sex can sell anything.  They may be right.  Sex appeal has a universality to it because it taps into something that crosses borders and cultures and languages, and drives home a latent compulsion in every one of us.  Marketing firms have known this for generations, and tailor their […]

Free Internet Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world. Also known as 21 or Beat the Dealer, the object of blackjack is to obtain 21 points or score higher than the dealer without surpassing 21 with your card count. If you go over 21, you are said […]

Blackjack Counting Cards Practice

Keeping Count: How to guide on how to count cards If you’re a serious blackjack player, there’s a good chance you’ve either thought about, or legitimately attempted to count cards at a Casino. This is a common strategy amongst blackjack players, and we’ve seen this strategy glorified in movies such […]

Blackjack Card Counting Methods

The blackjack group of casino games typically involve card counting, which is a strategy that helps determine if the next hand may give a possible advantage to the dealer or to the player. Card counting techniques enable players to bet more with reduced risk when the count offers an advantage […]

A roulette strategy that ensures winning every time

If you are keen on having fun at the casino and making big money at the same time, there is nowhere else you might find this combination other than hitting the roulette table. Roulette is a favorite of both amateur and professional players due to its high risk and high […]

Five Amazing Craps Strategies Every Player Must Live By

Pulling up at the craps table, especially for a beginner, can be a daunting experience.  Trying to decipher all the different bets and what they mean is one thing.  Turning that knowledge into a profit is another.  As with any gambling, it’s important to understand the balancing act that exists […]

Don’t Bet on Teams who Just Won in Seven…Unless

For fans, playoff series’ that go to 7 games are awesome. The anticipation before the game begins yields to a drama and intensity that is so rarely matched in other spectrums of daily life. People are drawn to them even when their team isn’t involved. We just love seeing how […]

Leon joins Kings of Leon

It’s finally come to fruition. See people, there’s nothing your tweets, emails, Facebook status updates, bottled messages, carrying pigeons, and flare guns CAN’T accomplish if you just put your neurons to it. And boy oh boy have you done it! Behold, your dreams have come true – and we have […]