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All about Blackjack odds: How to reduce house edge and push odds in yo...

It’s no secret that in most casino games, the house has an edge. That’s how casinos make money. Sure, you can definitely win. And some people actually make a living playing Blackjack. But at the end of the day, the house always takes in more money than it pays back. […]

Be Careful with this Baccarat Strategy

Any seasoned gambler can tell you of the dangers of faulty gambling strategies. Putting your faith in the wrong place at the tables is a recipe for disaster, and, in many cases, these problems can strike before you have time to react. Today, we’ll take a look at a couple […]

Everything you need to know about the Paroli betting system

Hate losing streaks? Prefer back to back wins? Then you’re going to love the Paroli betting system. Designed to make sure you don’t bet too crazy, the whole idea behind Paroli is that wins come in streaks and so do losses. That means you can maximize your profits by increasing […]

Reel Tips: The surefire ways to win at slots

Thinking about playing the slots but not sure if it’s worth hitting? Don’t take our word for it. Take the word of the countless people who have popped massive jackpots playing online and live. While they come from all corners of the globe, they have one thing in common. They […]

How to use probability to win at slots

You might get excited when you see a casino boast that their slots pay out an average of 95%. That number seems high, but it’s misleading. It sounds like you’re going to win 95% of the time. But that’s not the truth. The truth is that you will lose 5% […]

The world’s most skill-based casino games

Some games are all about luck. Take slots, for example. You toss some money in a machine, press a button, and hope for the best. The same goes for Casino War. It’s high card wins, so it’s pretty much brainless. One could argue that Craps is just as mindless. It’s […]

The weirdest slots machines in Las Vegas

Here at Silver Oak Casino, we have some weird slots games. Builder Beaver, for example, involves actual beavers (or at leas the cartoon variety). Golden Retriever involves you playing the part of a golden retriever, fetching money like a K-9 champion. And don’t get us started on Naughty or Nice […]

How to choose the best slots for you

So, you’re thinking of playing online casino games. And naturally, slots catch your eye. We don’t blame you. At Silver Oak Casino, we have a huge collection of slots games worth checking out. But where should you start? That all depends on what you’re in the mood for. Today, we’ve […]

Worst Bets on the Casino Floor

When it comes to the casino, even novice players recognize that all bets are not created equally. If you want to consistently win, it’s important to understand this fact and target your play accordingly. In some cases, one game can have one of the best bets in the casino, as […]

Betting the max in video poker: A smart strategy to play like a pro

The World Series of Poker Main Event is underway, with the November 9 almost set. And as we watch the series unfold, we are in awe of all the pros that continue to prove that they’re legends. Not just in the Main Event. All throughout the series, we’ve seen big […]

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