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World Series of Poker Europe Now in France

Shocking news broke that the World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) will be moving to France after having operated in London for the past four years. A statement was released last Wednesday saying that Lucien Barrière Hôtels & Casinos and are the new French sponsors and hosts of the WSOPE. […]

Get Familiar with Your Online Casino Lobby

As online gaming experts, at Silver Oak Casino game we are constantly trying to tackle those areas that may help players improve their online gaming experience. One that I would like to point out today is the unfamiliarity that some players have with the casino lobby. The casino lobby is […]

Online Casinos and Their Reputation

The internet and the media are great advocates of giving the online gambling industry a bad reputation. Whereas some people believe this is due to the fact that online casinos have engaged in malicious practices, today I would like to talk about a fairly forgotten reason of why this may […]

What Online Gamblers Should Look Forward to in 2011

2010 has been a year full of action for online gamblers. There were a lot of ups and downs in 2010, including the online gaming legislation in the US, new regulations in Europe, online gaming expanding to all corners of the world, and tons of new games were released and […]

Prepaid Cards Part I – How They Work

An often misunderstood online casino deposit option is the prepaid card. Only a few players seem to use prepaid cards and I think that it is because most players ignore their benefits and are more comfortable using their credit cards and other methods. In this post, I will try to […]

What is Responsible Gaming?

A few online casinos take pride in promoting responsible gaming, and Silver Oak Casino is definitely one of them. This article is meant to simply explain players what responsible gaming is and what the implications of it are. Responsible gaming is no hard math, it is exactly what is sounds […]

The Online Gambler’s Guide: Picking the Right Slot Machine II

Today, I will continue with the list of things a player should evaluate before settling for a slot machine. The next on our list is the theme. Make sure that the slot machine has an appealing theme, but also that it is well developed in terms of graphics, animations and […]

Legislative Online Gambling Climate in the United States Revisited

The US Federal Government has been speaking of legalizing online gambling for a while now, but we still have not seen true actions taking place. This is because there is still a strong opposition to the legalization of the activity which mainly comes from the Republican side of the House […]

The Online Gambler’s Guide: Picking the Right Slot Machine

Every month software providers launch a significant amount of new online slot games, as a matter of fact, more slot games are released in a month than other games are released in a year. Therefore, it can become overwhelming to pick which slot machines are better for you to play […]

Strategy at Slots Tournaments – Part II

Yesterday I talked about what players should do when they play a slots tournament. We discussed once play slot tournaments and the basic strategy that players should go for. This is dependent on the type of player you are and your risk tolerance because the prize pool is split between […]

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