Thinking about playing Keno? What if we told you the odds weren’t that great? You’d call our bluff, assuming we’re playing you for some fool who would fall for some bait and switch article scheme. We don’t blame you for thinking that way. Most casinos won’t tell you that there are casino games with way better odds than Keno. Most casinos won’t tell you to find another game.

But we’re not most casinos. At Silver Oak Casino, we’re players too and we tell it like it is. Today, we’ve got some tips to make your time playing Keno more profitable. It includes the truth about odds, how many spots you should really be playing on a card, and so much more. If you’re all about Keno, keep reading. These tips could be a game changer.

Your odds are actually not that great

It might seem odd for an online casino to tell you to avoid playing a specific game. After all, we’re in the business to make money. But we’re also casino players, too. So to pretend that Keno is a game that will make you rich in an instant every single time you play would be a complete disservice.

The truth is that Keno offers some of the worst odds of winning. We’re not suggesting you avoid playing. We’re just suggesting that if you’re intent on notching frequent wins, there are better games to play, like Roulette, Blackjack, or Casino War, for example.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play Keno. To put things in perspective, playing Keno is a lot like playing the lottery. Chances are you won’t win big. But when a win does happen it could change your life. And tens (if not hundreds) of millions of people play the lottery every day because of the rush of excitement it provides.

Play more spots on a card

Did you know that you can mix up the number of spots you play on a Keno card. Feel free to play 8 spots if you like, or fill in 15 numbers. It’s your call. Wins aren’t dependent on how many numbers you catch, but rather on what percentage of your chosen numbers you actually hit.

For example, playing 8 numbers and catching 6 of them will lead to higher payouts than if you had picked 15 numbers and caught 7 of them. Sure, you caught more numbers in the latter example, but you didn’t manage to catch even 50% of the numbers you picked. In the first example, you caught 75%, therefore you’d end up winning more.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should play fewer numbers. The truth is that you’re more likely to hit numbers if you play more of them. While that won’t necessarily lead to big payouts, many players have found that it’s a better way to realize smaller but more frequent payouts, which could add up over time.

Play online instead of live

When you play Keno at a live casino, you usually have to wait for a game to start. At many Las Vegas casinos, these games happen pretty frequently—as often as every 15 minutes. But even with a frequent schedule, you still aren’t in control.

Contrast that with online casinos where Keno games happen on your schedule. There’s never any waiting around. Just log in and play. And if you win, play again right away without having to wait.

But it goes beyond scheduling conflicts and accommodations. Online keno tends to offer better payouts than the land-based counterpart, so when you do win, it’ll be worth more.

Patterns are BS

Some Keno players will tell you that certain patterns yield better payouts. But that’s not necessarily true. Keno, like the lottery, is completely random. Your winning ticket in tonight’s lottery draw could be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and it could be 5, 6, 23, 31, 37, 49. The chances of either sets of numbers popping up is actually the same. Yes, that first pattern seems improbable. After all, it’s a little surreal if six consecutive numbers hit. But at the end of the day, everything is random. For that reason, there’s no reason that you should pick a pattern that you think will hit more often.

While patterns are BS, it doesn’t hurt to stick to one

It might seem to run contrary to what we just said about patterns, but the truth is that playing certain numbers or a certain set of numbers over and over again can give you a sense of comfort. Because of randomness, numbers could jump around just as much as the same numbers could hit frequently. By staying in one place and keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground, you’ll feel much better than if you jumped around and your numbers hit on something you played last go around.

Play with money that you actually have

This one goes without saying, but it’s definitely worth repeating. You wouldn’t play the lottery without actually having a budget for lottery gaming, right? For example, if your budget is $50 per week on lottery tickets, chances are you head to your convenience store on a specific day of the week (let’s say Friday) and buy $50 worth of tickets. You wouldn’t just pull out another $50 on a whim. Yet with casino gaming, people tend to do that.

Keno is one game that’s easy to think of along the same lines as playing the lottery. That’s because it pretty much is exactly like playing the lottery, only with instant gratification instead of having to wait for that weekly drawing.

Play for free

We told you earlier that the odds of winning at Keno aren’t in your favor, but you can find out the truth for yourself. Remember, Keno is random so a win is definitely worth celebrating. Feel free to play right now without risking anything. Keno games are open for free at Silver Oak Casino. You just need an account (also free) to get started.


Simon is an overactive gambler and the Staff Writer here at Silver Oak. He loves casino bonuses, online slots, and using the em dash too often. Currently, he rests his typing hands in Vancouver, Canada.