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Online Casino Games Legal In California?

As the economies of states across the U.S. spiral into deeper financial troubles, gambling has been an increasingly popular solution to increase tax revenues.  Delaware has legalized sports betting, Barney Frank continues to push a bill to legalize online gambling at a federal level, and California may consider legalizing online […]

Michael Jackson’s Dad Wants a Las Vegas Shrine

Always classy, Michael Jackson’s dad has told the media that he wants a shrine to the late pop star built in Las Vegas, amid the casinos, nightclubs and souvenir shops. Joe Jackson went on record with E! to say that his son should be buried in the city where he […]

Trekkies Take Over Las Vegas

Ahh, Las Vegas in the off-season. While the action is hot all year at online casinos like Silver Oak, in the summer things cool off on the Las Vegas strip. Sure, there are the usual celebrity pool parties and nightclub appearances, but for the most part, summer is a time […]

Regis Philbin Back for Celeb-Studded “Millionaire”

Starting tonight, Regis Philbin will be back in the host’s chair for a special 10 year anniversary run of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” The man who made “Is that your final answer?” a pop-culture phenomenon will be back on the air for two weeks, starting tonight at 8pm. […]

Jennifer Lopez to Become American Idol Judge?

For a show that’s not even on the air right now, American Idol sure knows how to keep itself in the gossip pages. And this summer, it’s been all about the show’s judges trying to hit the jackpot. From Simon Cowell’s $45 million dollar payday, to Paula Abdul’s request for […]

The Ultimate Casino Bonus Bonanza!

July Casino Bonus Code Bonanza! If you have been keeping up with the Silver Oak Casino bonus codes for the month of July, you know that every week we released a new casino bonus… each one better than the last. Well, for the last four days of July only, we […]

Only Three More Days ’til Our $10,000 Giveaway!

Time’s a tickin’ on our huge July giveaway of $10,000 in free casino cash! On August 1st, one of our players here at Silver Oak will wake up to find an extra ten grand in their pocket, and it could be you! Qualifying for the draw is easy, and you […]

Washington Going “All In” With Online Gambling

For those of you who didn’t know, this week is “National Poker Week”, as declared by the Poker Players Alliance.  To celebrate Poker’s biggest “national holiday”, the alliance has planned a number of events in an effort to bring the issue of online gambling to the forefront of national politics. […]

Barney Frank Headlines WSOP

Frank’s World Series of Poker Appearance Democratic Representative Barney Frank kicked off the World Series of Poker main event on Sunday with some poignant words regarding his upcoming bill that aims to ensure online gambling is legal in the United States. “It is odd that we say no gambling, because […]

Win $10,000 Just for Playing at Silver Oak

With the best games, great deposit bonuses and huge jackpots, there are lots of reasons to play here at Silver Oak. But if that’s not enough, here’s 10,000 more – we’re the only online casino that gives away $10,000 in free casino cash every month! And to enter the July […]

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