Last week, President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for his tough talk against nuclear proliferation, conflict in the Middle East and global warming. For those who follow the pre-Nobel chatter (yes, apparently some people do) the win came as quite a shock. And to those who decide on the actual odds (yes, you can gamble on who’s going to win the Nobel prize) the win was even more of a shock…the odds against Obama winning the prize were 25:1.

Personally, when I gamble I love the idea of winning some cash. But even more important is the thrill of seeing which cards fall, where the little metal ball lands, or what symbols line up on a payline. To me, the idea of putting down some money, and then watching the news to see who wins the Nobel prize, isn’t exactly exciting. But clearly some people have a different opinion of what’s exciting than I do, since a number of different bookies allow bets on the winners of Nobel prizes.

Apparently the favorite to win this one had been an Afghan human rights advocate named Sima Samar. She was posted at around 4:1 odds. So Mr. Obama really did defy the odds with his win. And that’s great. But I’m not going to be really impressed until he does something more unlikely than that. When the President enters, and wins, the main event of the World Series of Poker, then I’ll really be impressed.

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