So apparently we’re all supposed to get excited at the possibility there may be water on Mars. Because that means that maybe the 4th rock from the Sun might potentially have been home to a primitive form of bacteria or something a billion or two years ago. Excuse me for not doing cartwheels, but if the Mars probe doesn’t find a fully functioning society of wee green men with cool laser pistols, I’m just not interested.

But what NASA can’t provide, the game Outta This World absolutely can. It’s got laser guns, flying saucers, black holes, and yes, more little green men than a St. Patrick’s Day parade. Of course you’re probably not going to play for just the graphics. The gameplay itself is good fun, with a couple nice unique features. When you hit an Alien symbol, it plays as Wild…and it expands to cover the whole reel, giving you extra chances to make winning combinations. Since I like winning, and I like money, that was a bonus for me.

Speaking of bonuses (see what I did there?) Outta This World also has a bonus feature game. And this one is interactive so you actually get to do stuff. You get to keep picking planets until you find 2 aliens to end the feature. Behind every planet is a prize, either a cash multiplier of your original bet or a bunch of free spins. When I played I kept using reverse psychology and choosing Earth, thinking that they would expect you to pick Earth, and so they’d hide an alien there. Then I remembered that all that type of stuff is completely randomized and there was no way to use psychology to win. Then I remembered that I wasn’t even playing for real money, and so I was wasting time and brain cells thinking about something pointless. Then I remember I’m a blogger and that’s what bloggers do.

The Bonus Round from Outta This World (image

The Bonus Round from Outta This World (image

After the crying stopped, I decided to write this review to share in the joys of this game with you. So if you dig cool bonus games, aliens, lasers and infinitely destructive gravitational anomalies, try Outta This World now.

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Peter Alexander

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