There are some questions in this world that I may never know the answers to.  Why do they put life jackets under airplane seats and not parachutes?  Why did Japanese kamikaze pilots in WWII wear helmets?  Why does this $40 online slots system work so well?

In the case of this $40 slots system, I don’t even care to know the answer, I’m just glad it has worked so well for me!  Try it out for yourself and see if this slots system work for you as well.  Before you start, download a free slots game to test out this online slots strategy for yourself.

Playing with the $40 Slots System

Using the $40 system in slots is very simple. But first, what it is, you ask? The $40 system is simply a method of betting that allows you to engage in a sequence of wagers that adds up to $40. The reason why you might care about this type of approach is to get the maximum efficiency out of what is typically a deposit rounded up or down to some sort of multiple of ten—in this case, $40, which is a fairly standard first-time deposit. (Keep in mind that if it is your first deposit, you also qualify for our deposit bonus!)

All right, we know the generalities of the system. Let’s get granular and get this tutorial started.

You Will Need:

  • $40 deposited into your favorite online casino
  • An online slots game that uses at least 9 lines and will do bets in denominations of 25 cents (tip: nearly any real series video slot will work)
  • A decent memory, or a pad of paper to record your results with.

Follow these Steps:

  1. Once you have your favorite online slot open, choose to bet on 9 lines by selecting the number 9 on either the left or right hand side of the reels.
  2. Choose to bet $1 on each line
  3. Spin twice
  4. Decrease the bet to 50 cents per line
  5. Spin 4 times
  6. Lower the bet to 25 cents per line
  7. Spin once
  8. Now, there should only be $1.75 of your original $40.  Drop the number of lines to 7 and keep the bet at 25 cents per line.
  9. Spin one last time

After the end of the final spin you should have spent exactly $40.  I have no idea why this system works, but most of the time I end up winning money when I use it, so I am passing it on to you.

What is your favorite system to use at the online slots?  Does this one work well for you?  Let me know in the comment section below!

Jeff White

Jeff has been an active gambler from the age of 18 when he won a small local poker tournament in San Jose, CA. He moved on to playing other casino games shortly thereafter, with a great interest in the statistics and mathematics involved. He has studied the historical gambling systems of nearly every popular casino game played today, and has written strategy books for several of them including blackjack, slot machines, craps, and roulette. Jeff has been a daily contributor to the Silver Oak Casino blog since the beginning of 2009.