Chances are if you are reading this then you are looking for some online slots tips. If that is the case, then you’ve come to the right place.  There are countless options for attempting to beat the online slots games, as well as strategies in place to try and make the most of your gambling dollars.

With that said, do not feel overloaded. When it comes to slots, there are only a few online slots tips that you really need to embrace and we are going to cover them right now. Strap on your thinking cap, because it’s time to look at the only three slots tips that you will ever need.

Tip # 1: the Casino Always Has the Edge

When you play slots, whether you’re online or in a casino, the house will always have an edge. Just get used to it. There are winners, there are losers, but overtime, the house always wins. You can certainly enjoy playing slots, and there is a good chance that you’ll win at the games, especially if you play wisely, but go into the game with a cool head on your shoulders knowing that the chances of total success are rather slim, and your chances of having some fun will be much higher.

Tip #2: Try Free Play Mode First

Aside from the rule #1, this one is the most important rule to keep in mind (hence why it’s #2): before you bet any money, play as many of the slots games as you can in a FreePlay mode. Save your money first because the newest slot machines have interesting new levels and bonus rounds that you may not be expecting or understand fully the first time. Playing the slots as a free game may not earn you any money, but you won’t be losing any money either. The time spent learning how to play the game and how to maximize your strategy is certainly a time well spent. Think of it this way: if it leads to more money later on, then even though you are not winning money, you’re still earning future wins.


Tip #3: Activate the Bonus

On some of the online slot machines, you must bet a certain amount in order to activate the bonus rounds. Usually this isn’t much more than the minimum, but when you can, play enough each turn to activate the bonus rounds, should you hit the corresponding slots. Using the bonus rounds increases your chances to win, and the bonus rounds include additional challenges and fun for the player as well. Not only that, but there really is nothing worse than knowing that if you had bet more, you would be playing the bonus screen. Instead you have to live with the unknowing of the sums of cash you might have won, if only you had listened.

Hopefully these online slots tips have given you something to think about. If you want to practice what we preach, then head on over to our WebPlay page to jump into some free action, or grab our free software and start winning some real live cash.

More Tips to Think About

If you would like to jump into a couple more tips for online slots, then check out this video that explains the intricacies of the Vegas-style slot machines.

Keep in mind that most of what is talked about can and usually will apply to online slots as well.