You’re a Celebrity, Get Out of Here

It may just be me, but it sure seems like “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me out of Here” has been on TV constantly for weeks, and yet they’ve only voted two celebrities off so far. The latest victim (besides those of us who watch the show) is Daniel Baldwin. So […]

Internet Sensation Susan Boyle is #2

If the performers on the show Britain’s Got Talent were judged on fame, press coverage or YouTube views, Susan Boyle would have finished number one. But when it came down to it on yesterday’s final episode, more viewers voted for dance troupe Diversity, leaving Boyle the runner up. Of course, […]

Only a Couple More Days Left to Win $10,000

Time’s a tickin’ on our Silver Oak Idol $10,000 casino cash giveaway. There’s only a couple more days left to qualify, and then somebody around here’s going to win ten grand. So in case you need a timely nudge, here’s a quick review of all the details: How do I […]

Five days left to win $10,000

For fans of American Idol, all that’s left is to complain about the results, like in this report of corporate sponsor AT&T allegedly helping Kris Allen win in the final episode of Idol. But for fans of Silver Oak Idol, the excitement is just about to start. In fact, we’ll […]

American Idol Crowns a Winner

Well, now we’ve all had a day to recover from the big shock of the American Idol finale. Actually there were two huge shocks. One was Kris Allen winning over Adam Lambert, of course. And the other one was seeing Bikini Girl go head-to-head and tan-to-tan with Kara DioGuardi. Oh […]

Criss Angel Mixed up in Feline Fued

You never know what a magician might conjure out of his hat. In the case of the guy in the bonus-ilicious video poker game Mystery Bonus Poker, it’s a special hand every deal that awards extra payouts. In the case of the megastar of stage and TV, Criss Angel, it’s […]

10,000 Reasons to Make a Couple Deposits

With the month of May half over, you still have two weeks to qualify for our huge $10,000 cash giveaway. To put yourself in the running to be the Silver Oak Idol, and win that ten grand, all you have to do is make two deposits of $30 bucks or […]

Are Steroids Killing Sports?

We have a variety of online slot machines with themes related to popular sports. And you don’t have to take performance enhancing drugs to win at our football slot, baseball slot or car racing slot. But, according to what’s happening in the news these days, you better be juicing like […]

Surprising Celebrity Buddies

When I want hard facts, I got to If I want good, investigative journalism, I watch 60 Minutes. And when I absolutely must know all about strange Hollywood twosomes, I go to US Weekly. You’d never predict these seemingly mismatched celebs would actually be Perfect Pairs. Tila Tequila and […]

Get a 150% American Idol Deposit Bonus

Here’s three things you might not know about American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi: 1) Regis Philbin is her cousin. 2) Her Dad used to be a Republican Congressman. 3) You can use her name to get a 150% deposit bonus right here at Silver Oak! Kara DioGuardi’s Casino Bonus Code […]