The specialty games at Silver Oak Casino have something for every type of player. Craps is the ultimate crowd pleaser in casino’s; a social game that draws huge groups to the table to people watch and call out “Snake Eyes” whenever 1-1 is rolled. For the superstitious player, Roulette allows you to pick your numbers based on birthdays and sports stars. Keno is like a lazy Sunday at the local pub and Scratch Cards are a trip down to the corner store. Try them all out now for some wildly varied gambling fun.

Featured Specialty Games

  • Banana Jones

    Enter the world of an exotic jungle as you play Banana Jones, the exciting new Snakes and Ladders-style board game at Silver Oak Casino. Claim vast treasures in Banana Jones!

    Play Banana Jones
  • Keno

    Online Keno is faster and more rewarding than traditional Keno. Simply hit the numbers and you can win big even against small wagers. For something as simple as picking numbers off the screen, you stand to win as much as $250,000!

    Play Keno
  • Craps

    Pass Line Bets and Don't Pass Line Bets. Come Bets and Don't Come Bets. There are multiple bets to place, just as there are multiple rounds of dice throw. But when it comes to 7, you have just two ways to go. Win or lose. Find out more.

    Play Craps

Other specialty Games

  • American Roulette

    Spin to win. It doesn’t get better than this. Win big with the small wheel. Turn a dollar into a thousand!

    Play American Roulette

  • Bonus Bingo

    Bonus Bingo offers a lot more than traditional Bingo. It offers more fun, more bonuses, and more chances of winning.

    Play Bonus Bingo

  • Craps

    Play Craps and believe in the power of numbers. The simple act of tossing two dice brings edge-of-the-seat excitement to you.

    Play Craps

  • European Roulette

    They say you don’t come to the Roulette Table alone. You bring dreams of winning big with you.

    Play European Roulette

  • European Slot Poker

    A little luck and some skills can earn you splendid rewards. Match symbols on the cards to win a European Slot Poker hand.

    Play European Slot Poker

  • French Roulette

    Don’t worry about traveling to Paris to play French Roulette. We’ve got the most realistic online version you’ve ever seen!

    Play French Roulette

  • Keno

    Keno at Silver Oak Casino is faster and more rewarding than traditional Keno. The game can be played with any amount of money, big or small.

    Play Keno

  • Multiplayer Roulette

    Multiplayer Roulette is a cool an interactive new version where you can play alongside with other users from all over the world.

    Play Multiplayer Roulette

  • Roaring Twenties Bingo

    Take a trip back in time to the Roaring '20s and experience a world of prosperity and big fortune!

    Play Roaring Twenties Bingo

  • Sic Bo

    Discover the thrill of making the right guess before the dice rolls. The pleasure you derive is always new and invigorating.

    Play Sic Bo


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